Oklahoma State Univ Alumni Graduate - Certified Organic and Sustainable Urban Horticulture Consultant

GrowOKC.com has nationwide shipping, hydroponic supplies, plant grow lights, organic mushrooms for sale, cooking wood chips, santa fe pinion wood for sale, indoor gardening systems and hydroponic kits, smoking firewood pellets and organic fertilizers


Pinion wood for sale

If you are looking for pinion firewood for sale, GrowOKC has it. CLICK HERE for Pinion wood is great all year round. It repels mosquitoes and is a great indoor firewood for sale for all seasons. #growokc has all new mexico firewood for sale with shipping nationwide!    

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Plant Grow Lights

Plant grow lights are great for indoor growing year round. Indoor urban gardening is on the rise.  There are many ways to use indoor grow lighting. You can propagate your own seeds and grow your own vegetables. You can use them for light for interior plants. For all these needs, #growokc has what you need in hydroponics! #plantgrowlights #plantgrowlight These grow bulbs will make a nice addition to your indoor gardening this winter or year round. #hydroponics enables you to grow as much food and plants as you would like. Plant lights shipping nationwide from Oklahoma City. Let GrowOKC help you grow!

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Are you having trouble with your plants in your lawn and garden? Maybe you are interested in indoor growing using hydroponics. We can help you choose the correct plants based on soil and water testing. Our on-site consultations are for the metro Oklahoma City area. We are also a distributor of fine cooking mushrooms CLICK HERE for mushrooms

Ask us about our year round organic fertilizer service for your yard in the metro Oklahoma City area!


We have great Santa Fe Pinion wood CLICK HERE chunks for your Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. It has the great smells of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We also carry Eco-Firewood Bricks CLICK HERE and a full line of cooking wood chips and BBQ pellets CLICK HERE for wood pellets and wood chips We no longer sell full length firewood (effective Dec 15, 2015.)

Our Oklahoma City metro services are on-site professional urban horticulture consulting. Make your gardening more effective with drought resistant plants for your yard, backyard chicken setup, chicken coop instruction, high grade organic fertilizer, indoor hydroponics, aeroponics, worm composting and more.

For professional urban consultations in the Oklahoma City metro area, go to "Contact Us" above and write a complete description of how we can help.

Professional credentials:

Mycology school training & sterile laboratory studies:  Eugene, Oregon 

College graduate of Oklahoma State University, Sustainable Organic Horticulture

For professional consultations in the Oklahoma City metro area go to the "Contact Us" page and write in your description of needed help.

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