WE SHIP NATIONWIDE - We have excellent Cooking wood, Smoking wood, Gourmet Mushrooms and Medicinal Mushrooms. Found at hashtag #growokc we are the ONLY INDOOR cooking and smoking wood Company in the nation. For the organic and sustainable life, we have always been chemical free. A indoor shop means we never ship wet, rotted or bug filled products. We always use sustainable methods so dangerous herbicides and pesticides are always prohibited on our premises.

pinion wood for sale
Santa Fe Pinion wood from $ 86.95 $ 159.95
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shiitake mushroom
Organic Shiitake Mushroom from $ 4.19 $ 24.65
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Local Oklahoma City Firewood for sale
Local Oklahoma City Firewood for sale $ 75.00
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best wood for smoking
Pecan wood from $ 86.95 $ 94.25
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organic maiitake mushroom
Organic Maitake Mushroom from $ 4.65 $ 29.35
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best wood for smoking
Apple wood pellets from $ 22.95 $ 99.95
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smoking wood
Hickory smoking wood and Pecan wood Mix from $ 86.95 $ 174.95
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best wood for smoking
Mesquite wood pellets from $ 22.95 $ 89.95
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wholesale mushrooms for sale
We are a fine U.S. distributor of mushroom products. We have dried mushrooms for sale, frozen mushrooms for sale, fresh mushrooms, and mushroom powder or fungal mushroom extract.  We sell to the home owner or restaurants of the United States. We enjoy having wholesale products also! We ship mushrooms nationwide. We also sell wholesale mushrooms with the highest quality product on the market. Found at #growokc #urbanfarms #mushrooms #okcfarmersmarkets #okcfarmersmarket #urbanfarm #mycology #firewood #oklahomacity #oregon #oregoncoast #like #fungi  Mushrooms can be used in cooking and greatly enhance the flavor. We don't diagnose or cure. We are featured on Mushroom Farms Online  We also sell organic gardening and organic horticulture products. If are looking for the best smoking wood we have it!

 Recent customer review from July 22, 2015

"I recently received my first Growokc smoking wood order from you. I have now had the opportunity to use this wood several times. I first smoked a couple rib racks. I just finished smoking a rib eye.  I could not believe the difference smoking meat with smoking wood. I have been smoking with cooking wood for sale for a little while and always used bbq wood I could pick up at local hardware stores. It's impossible to control the temperature with the cheap stuff. Using your smoking wood it is easy! I always thought it was me or my cooker, never even considered the smoking wood fuel. I ordered the pecan and hickory mix. Sweet smoking meat!  I will be contacting you with my next order, you have earned it!

-Mark H.  from Wisconsin


Growokc Mushrooms - Smoking wood - Wholesale mushrooms

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Why buy our Cooking wood, Mushrooms, Pinion wood and smoking wood?

We are found at:  #growokc

1.)  The owner is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist (Oklahoma State University Agriculture graduate.) You receive the best advice combining our products with nature and its uses in your life.

2.)  Growokc is the only Eco-protected cooking and smoking wood corporation in the nation. This keeps your wood product out of nature's elements like rain, snow etc. This insures you a drier and much higher quality product. Buying Santa Fe Pinion wood from us is the highest of quality. You will always pay much more for a wet product others ship you. Other companies often have pesticides in their wood because of water pooling around their wood piles. This is not the kind of wood to use for you and your family. We only sell a clean, non-pesticide and sustainable product.

3.)  Shipping included on most products.

4.)  We only use Organic control and sustainable methods in our facility for cleaner products and 100% safe for you and your family.

5.)  The owner will personally custom cut and/or prepare your order for better accuracy and pride. We sell gourmet wholesale mushrooms for sale and medicinal mushrooms but we do not diagnose so talk to your healthcare provider about your treatment plan. 

NOTE: Regardless of how our products areused in other countries, under FDA law in the United States we do not diagnose or cure with our health products and supplements. All statements made by Growokc and Horticulture Professionals Inc. are intended for informational purposes only. Health decisions are important and should be made with the advice of a health care practitioner. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care practitioner.

The owner graduated from state agriculture school, Oklahoma State University. He earned his degree in Sustainable Crops Production – Agriculture/Horticulture. Out of college he began installing fruit orchards growing organic fruit which is also where the finest cooking wood comes from. His college graduate research was at Oklahoma State University in study of Mycology - Gourmet Mushroom Production on small scale urban farm operations. The owner has many hours of Mycology Sterile Mushroom Lab hours. He is a member of the ISA Professional Arborist Association and is a Agriculture Consultant in Havana, Cuba.In Havana, Cuba he aided research and production to the local organic/sustainable farmers to improve their crop yields in vegetable and fruit production. Animal Husbandry was also involved in Havana, Cuba food operations. In Oklahoma City, he is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist specializing in soil science digital testing and sells high quality mushrooms and cooking firewood. He is a nationwide seller of Fine Gourmet Mushrooms, European Truffles and fresh Oregon Mushrooms shipped overnight. A great Specialty product is our fruit and nut smoking wood of culinary and cooking endeavors. He also is the statewide dealer for Santa Fe Pinion chiminea wood straight from the base of the Santa Fe, New Mexico mountain range. In 2015, for graduate studies in Mycology - Mushroom Cultivation he was trained at the internationally known Mushroom Research and Cultivation School in Oregon.