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We do professional water and soil chemistry testing. We are a distributor of fine mushrooms, cooking wood pellets and smoking wood chips. Also, our Oklahoma City metro services are on-site professional urban horticulture consulting. Drought resistant plants for your yard, hydroponics, soil chemistry help and more. Our digital lab testing includes full digital profile of your soil and/or water with professional recommendations.

Professional credentials:

Mycology school training & sterile laboratory studies:  Eugene, Oregon 

College graduate of Oklahoma State University, Sustainable Organic Horticulture 

*GrowOKC is a professional horticulture company. We sell mushrooms nationwide and teach mycology for growing cooking mushrooms for home gardeners. Our agriculture research over the years is being published as E-Books on Amazon Kindle. It will teach techniques you can easily use in your own urban yard.

We are a nationwide distributor of great smoking wood chips, organic mushrooms and cooking wood pellets shipped nationwide only, no pick up available. 

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Although there may still be remnants of cooking firewood, winter firewood and Santa Fe pinion wood on our site, we are no longer a distributor and do not sell or ship any type of full length firewood (effective Feb 1, 2016.) 

See below for what's been goin' on around and enjoy your time!

For professional consultations in the Oklahoma City metro area go to the "Contact Us" page and write in your description of needed help.

about the owner

So what are our credentials?

 The owner graduated from the state agriculture school, Oklahoma State University.  He earned his degree in Sustainable Crops Production – Agriculture & Horticulture.

His college graduate research was in Mycology - Gourmet Mushroom Production on small scale urban farm operations. It includes sterile lab work from petri dish to harvest.

 He is a Organic Agriculture Consultant in Havana, Cuba and conducting research and production to the local organic/sustainable farmers to improve their crop yields in vegetable and fruit production and animal husbandry.

GrowOKC is a tax paying registered Corporation and is a registered business of the state of Oklahoma. For wholesale accounts, a sales tax I.D. permit is needed.

 In Oklahoma City, he is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist specializing in soil science using digital testing and sells high quality mushrooms and urban plant consultations.

In 2015, for graduate studies in Mycology - Mushroom Cultivation he was trained at the internationally known Mushroom Research and Cultivation School in Oregon.

For professional consultations in the Oklahoma City metro area, click on "Contact Us" in the menu above. Please write a good description of your needed services.

Note: We do not educate or help customers in growing Psilocybe genus mushrooms and the Cannabis genus of the plant kingdom in accordance to state law. So please don't ask! Thank you 

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