About The Owner


*about the owner

So what are our credentials?


The owner graduated from the state agriculture school, Oklahoma State University.  He earned his degree in Sustainable Crops Production – Agriculture & Horticulture with a emphasis on Mycology and urban mushroom farming.

His college graduate research was in Mycology - Gourmet Mushroom Production on small scale urban farm operations. It includes sterile lab work from petri dish to harvest.

 He is a Agriculture Consultant in Havana, Cuba and conducted research and production to the local organic/sustainable farmers to improve crop yields in vegetable and fruit production and animal husbandry.

GrowOKC is a tax paying registered Title S Corporation and is a registered business of the state of Oklahoma. For wholesale accounts, a sales tax I.D. permit is needed.

 In Oklahoma City, he is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist specializing in fruit orchard installation and management, Oklahoma City lawn and garden consultations, digital soil chemistry using digital testing and sells high quality mushrooms worldwide.

For graduate studies and research in Mycology and Mushroom Cultivation he was trained at the internationally known Mushroom Research and Cultivation School in Oregon.

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