Pinion wood blends for sale - Pinon wood - Pinyon firewood

Our Authentic Santa Fe Pinion wood chunks are stored INDOORS for highest quality!

Great for the Thanksgiving and Christmas time of year. Smells great!

Do you need to repel bugs and mosquitoes? Pinion does it!

Growokc provides shipping nationwide of the finest authentic Santa Fe Pinion wood, pinion wood blends, pinyon wood, pinon wood, smoking wood and cooking firewood. Shop now for our cooking firewood, smoking wood chips and pellets for sale all year round! We have shipping included in the U.S. Pinyon wood or also spelled Pinion wood and Pinon wood grows in the southwest United States in higher elevations. Pinion wood is a slow growing tree that is the best fragrance wood for chimineas and fireplaces. It's sweet aromatic fragrance earns it the best smelling wood for your occasions year round. It is an all season firewood for 365 days a year that is a loved chiminea wood. It is also used all year round in indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces and your outdoor chimineas.

pinion wood


A great feature of our Santa Fe Pinion wood blends is it repels bugs and mosquitoes. We all love the smell of the sweet aroma but bugs and insects hate it. Pinyon wood and Pinon wood and Pinion wood. You don't need to spray deet and chemicals on your skin when you can easily make a Pinion wood fire. Pinyon wood - Pinon wood - Pinion wood. Pinion has a very distinct smell and some people refer to it as the "Smell of Christmas."  We also sell blends of Pinion wood that make our company unique:

 Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

pinion wood*

Santa Fe Pinion wood * ON SALE * Growokc - Hydroponics - Mushrooms for sale - Plant Grow Lights - Pinion Firewood - Organic Gardening - Oklahoma City
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