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We'd love to help you with metro Oklahoma City lawn and garden consulting and on-site professional soil chemistry. We ship nationwide gourmet cooking mushrooms, hydroponics, plant grow lights, organic fertilizer and professional garden products. 

We sell Santa Fe Pinion wood chunks CLICK HERE. We also sell Eco Firewood Bricks CLICK HERE. If you are interested in smoking wood chips and wood pellets CLICK HERE. We do not sell or ship any type of full length firewood (effective Dec 15, 2015.) We do carry a full line of smoking wood chips and cooking wood pellets. CLICK HERE for cooking wood pellets and wood chips.

Our Oklahoma City metro services are on-site professional urban horticulture consulting, drought resistant plants for your yard for less water use, hydroponics, organic fertilizer, worm composting, tree and plant selection, soil chemistry help and more.

For professional urban consultations in the Oklahoma City metro area, go to "Contact Us" above and write a complete description of how we can help!

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