Firewood for sale Oklahoma City

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Upchurch Cooking Wood™ has a retail store in the downtown Oklahoma City Farmers Market. If you are looking for firewood for sale in Oklahoma City, we have the firewood for sale you are looking for. Our firewood for sale in Oklahoma City includes Pecan wood, Hickory wood, Oak firewood and more. We can supply you with all your winter fireplace needs, campfire outings and more. Check our firewood inventory for firewood for sale Oklahoma City.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements


firewood for sale oklahoma city


There are many options when you searching for firewood for sale in Oklahoma City. We are a year round reputable firewood dealer of Oklahoma. We sell small bags of firewood for sale all the way to cords. A cord is a lot of firewood that can fill a 16 foot trailer. You many not need that much firewood for your Oklahoma City home. A popular amount of firewood for sale in Oklahoma City is a 1/2 rick of firewood. Since we don't ever know how cold of a winter we will have here in Oklahoma City, a 1/2 rick gives you the option of not having firewood left over that can rot in the summer months. With our firewood for sale Oklahoma City wood shop we are located in central downtown Oklahoma City. We have easy access to all the major highways and have a convenient location in the downtown Oklahoma City Farmers Market.  If you are looking for firewood for sale Oklahoma City, we are your one stop firewood dealer of Oklahoma.

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firewood for sale Oklahoma City


We have a large amount of trees that make great firewood here as firewood for sale Oklahoma City.  Pecan firewood is one of my favorites and i also one of the best smoking woods.  Oak firewood is popular but is overrated in my opinion because it does not have a good smell when burning. It can burn hot and long but some smell does end up getting into your house and Oak firewood for sale is not that great of an option. Walnut trees are prolific in Oklahoma for firewood for sale and is a great burning fireplace firewood. Walnut firewood for sale leaves no soot in the bottom of your fireplace.  Consider Walnut or Hickory firewood for your fireplace today!

If you are looking for a lighter and fruity firewood for sale in Oklahoma City, we have had Apricot firewood for sale. It is a hardwood that burns quite long. It's nice winter firewood for sale and if you have some left over into the spring that's great! Throw it in your smoker for some great burgers, ribs, pork and seafood cooking.

If you are a Edmond Ok resident our wood shop is just a short distance for firewood for sale Edmond Ok. We stock some great year round firewood for sale for Edmond Ok and have Santa Fe Pinion wood for sale year round.

A large percent of my winter customers looking for firewood for sale for the winter fireplace choose Oak firewood. The reason for this is because Oak wood is plentiful in the Midwest. Oak firewood is a fairly hot burning firewood but it can often smell bad. Some smoke does end up getting into your home so you might try and enjoy burning a fruit firewood we have for sale. Another downside of Oak firewood is it has to be seasoned for at least one year. I have many people come to me saying their fireplace firewood is not burning that they bought from someone else. This is because green Oak firewood does not burn for the average customer. They bought the Oak firewood from a "guy with just a truck" and they got scammed. Don't let this happen to you. If Oak firewood for sale Oklahoma City is what you like to burn, please make sure it is very well seasoned!


firewood for sale Oklahoma City



Firewood for sale Oklahoma City has one major firewood company with professional credentials and that is GrowOKC and Upchurch Cooking Firewood .  We have had years of experience an the owner Kyle Upchurch is a degreed Horticulturist as a graduate from Oklahoma State University-OKC with a horticulture degree in Sustainable Crops Production (Organic Farming.)

In the winter time we have plenty winter firewood for sale Oklahoma City and last winter we sold primarily Mesquite wood because it is a hot burning firewood. We have sold Oak firewood for sale before but it is not the best option we have found. Customers don't like the heaviness of Oak firewood and it needs to be seasoned for at least a year and a half. One of the biggest frustrations for customers is to get your wood and put it in your fireplace and figuring out it will not burn. Never buy your firewood for sale from CraigsList. We have so many customers come to us because they got scammed on CraigsList. Either the wood won't burn. Or the delivery guy picked up some wood from the city dump hoping you won't know the difference or it's not even the type of wood you ordered. CraigList guys also deal in "ricks" which is an illegal measurement. Whatever amount they want to give you is what you get. It's never the correct measurement.

Some other firewood for sale Oklahoma City options are woods like Pecan wood. Pecan is a really nice fireplace firewood and since a little bit of smoke does get into your house, pecan is really nice!  It burns pretty hot and long but not quite as much as some other options. But the smell and burning qualities really makes up the difference. Another really great fireplace firewood for sale is Hickory wood. It is a hot burning hardwood that really has a awesome flavor. Some of our customers switched to Hickory wood from Oak firewood and they said they will never use Oak firewood again. There is nothing that great about Oak and customers are finding a lot better options. Although some people don't care what kind of wood they burn, if they try a premium wood it sure does make their relaxing fireplace experience.