Santa Fe Pinion wood * ON SALE *

Discounted Winter sale on Authentic Santa Fe Pinion wood!

Our Pinion wood is stored indoors for highest quality and we never ship damp wood!

Our Authentic Santa Fe Pinion wood makes for a wonderful smelling holiday smell. Burn a pinion wood fire all Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pinyon wood or after spelled Pinon wood is also referred to as "the smell of Christmas."

In the a summer time it's a natural mosquito repellant. The best year round firewood chunks!

We offer our Santa Fe Pinion in 7 inch lengths so they are very easy to use with chimineas, indoor fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces.

We sell 396 cubic inch - approximately 14 lbs - 1 cubic foot bags with handles

THE  HIGHEST QUALITY CHIMINEA WOOD AND  FIREPLACE FIREWOOD . Our seasoned Pinion wood for sale is trucked to us from the mountains of New Mexico. This is not the cheap big box chain store firewood with no aroma. This amazing aromatic firewood can be used 365 days a year in all seasons of our yearly calendar. This pinon wood for sale is great for your patio and winter fireplace.  In the spring and summer, Growokc Pinyon wood repels bugs and mosquitoes. Yes, it does. Pinon wood is a natural insect repellant as is known well for its bug fighting qualities. Many of our customers use this wood in their indoor fireplace and it gives off the sweet mountain aroma of Santa Fe throughout neighborhood and home. The smell of this Pinion wood for sale is referred to as the “smell of Christmas.” Pinion wood is not for use as a smoking wood or cooking wood for food.
*One technique we offer to our customers, is to soak your pinion wood for no more than 30 minutes and this will allow your pinion wood to smoke more. You are not needing your pinion wood to catch fire for long. It is the "smoke" that you want to fill your area. This is the best firewood for your outdoor and indoor parties and gatherings. Don't use cheap or other various woods in your chiminea and fireplaces. If you are going to get the most pleasure out of your experience, you the best which is our pinion wood for sale. Check the Growokc Firewood online store for the options to bring this amazing firewood straight to your door! Pinion wood is the most famous chiminea wood available anywhere. Pinion wood for sale is a very unique firewood for sale and has the most amazing smell as if you were in New Mexico smelling the same wood. It is a hot burning firewood and a long burning firewood for sale so it will burn much longer compared to the typical Ponderosa Pine firewood. Pinion wood is a gymnosperm so it is in the pine family meaning it is not suitable for using for cooking. Pinion wood for sale is a excellent chiminea wood for sale but if you are looking for a smoking wood or cooking wood take a look at our other products.
pinion wood

 Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you  the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

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