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Entimology inputs - Summer 2018

  Entimology Spring/Summer 2018 PROBLEM:  Increasing mosquito issue for Plant zone 7a Outdoor Plant Zone 7a  - Libellula vibrans (Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly) population increases.  - Nishikigoi continue to strike well with mosquitoes atop water. (Carp family) - Rana pipiens (Leopard frog) Mosquito issue solved. (Via  Libellula vibrans, Rana pipens, American rainbow carp and Japanese nishikigoi, Cyprinus caprio.

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Aquaponics Research of Oklahoma City USA #growokc

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So what are our credentials and how can we help you? 

The founder graduated from the state agriculture school, Oklahoma State University.  He earned his degree in Sustainable Crops Production – Agriculture & Mycology 

For graduate studies in Mycology - Mushroom Cultivation he was trained at the internationally known Mushroom Research and Cultivation School in Eugene, Oregon USA. 

 He has been a Agriculture Consultant in Havana, Cuba for the local organic/sustainable farmers to improve their crop yields in vegetable and fruit production and animal husbandry.

Horticulture Professionals Inc. is a registered Title S corporation in the state of Oklahoma USA.

"If we are to research now how to globally feed the future people in urban environments, aquaponics is how farming will be done by 2035."

Through the greatest of minds in the Plant Kingdom world of University level agriculture research, aquaponics is how plant scientists know the construct for urban society. We will be eating the highest quality urban aquaponic food by 2035.


Our agriculture research over the years will soon be published as E-Books on Amazon Kindle and digital downloads.