Holiday Sale - Santa Fe Pinion wood

pinion wood

Holiday Pinion wood sale

Authentic Santa Fe Pinion

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Year round Firewood for sale

Firewood for sale today. Order before supplies last

We have firewood for sale today.  When we run out, we will not order more. Buy today while supplies last!

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Pinion wood SALE TODAY

Our seasonal Pinion firewood is on sale now!  Supplies are limited this year so buy now.


Entimology inputs - Summer 2018


Entimology Spring/Summer 2018

PROBLEM:  Increasing mosquito issue for Plant zone 7a


Outdoor Plant Zone 7a

 - Libellula vibrans (Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly) population increases. 

- Nishikigoi continue to strike well with mosquitoes atop water. (Carp family)

- Rana pipiens (Leopard frog)

Mosquito issue solved. (Via  Libellula vibrans, Rana pipens, American rainbow carp and Japanese nishikigoi, Cyprinus caprio.

Pinon wood, Pinyon firewood and Pinion wood for sale

If you are looking for pinion wood for sale, GrowOKC has it.  Great smelling firewood year round!

pinion wood for sale

CLICK HERE for Pinion wood is great all year round. It repels mosquitoes and is a great indoor firewood for sale for all seasons. #growokc has all new mexico firewood for sale with shipping nationwide!


Also spelled pinon wood for sale, pinyon wood for sale and pinion wood for smell. The greatest smell of the southwest United States.  In the summer it repels mosquitoes and year round it smells fabulous. 

Pinion wood for sale

Growokc has great authentic pinion wood for sale from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
pinion wood
Pinion wood is great in the summer time because it does a good job of repelling mosquitoes and bugs and insects. All the rest of the year it is a fabulous smelling wood for your chiminea or firepit. Our wood chunks are great for a fire and roasting marshmallows. If you are looking for pinion wood for sale and shipped nationwide, Growokc has it for you.
pinion wood
Pinion wood comes from the areas of new mexico, colorado and utah. It is a shrubby tree and is similar to the alligator juniper firewood. We prefer pinion wood because not only does it smell wonderful, it burns long and hot. It is great for campfires and people will be asking what the amazing smell is. It's pinion wood!
pinion wood
We find that after burning pinion wood, the hot red embers do stay hot for quite awhile if you have plans to use it for winter heating. It is a excellent year round wood. Although it is not for cooking, you would need a smoking wood or cooking wood for food. Enjoy pinion wood for sale year round outside in fire pits, chimineas and indoor fireplace fireplaces for heating.
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