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There are many things Growokc has to offer when it comes to cooking, agriculture and horticulture. We use only sustainable methods and that means we always use to organic methods.

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Lately we had 11 ducklings and we let them fertilize our pond so we can get ready for hydroponic growing this spring #hydroponics   #hydroponic

Hydroponic growing is using fertilized water for the growing root medium instead of dirt. It's become very useful in urban farming #urbanfarming applications. You can easily growing indoors instead of having lots of land needed for dirt growing fruits, vegetables and growing herbs. 



Growokc recently got a new #lgd puppy that will cooperate with our chickens here on the Growokc homestead. Selection the correct breed of dog is important because you don't want a dog that will prey on the chickens and other livestock and kill them. Although livestock guardian dogs may be a great pyrenees or anatolian, there are some other breeds that if raised correctly can protect what you hold valuable. Our chickens and the eggs they lay are what we protect. So we found a dog and are raising it in a way that kindness will be a part of its life. We often put the puppy in the chicken coop to get her to have a lifestyle around other farm animals. 

growokc gardening plants


Here are some new plants that are coming up in the Growokc greenhouse #greenhouse and are coming along quite well. They will be ready to go into the garden in our zone 7a growing date of April 15th.  We use April 15 because we need to be sure there is no risk of frost taking away our hard work.  These plants grew from seeds in the winter time. We used a special soil ix of 1/3 peat, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 compost.  Make sure you don't water your seedlings  #seedlings  to much because the vermiculite will retain water and give out water when it is needed.  If you water them too much you will begin growing mushrooms and there ARE NOT edible mushrooms they are poisonous and need to be discarded and thrown away soon. Don't wait because they can spread mushroom spores and it can affect your wonderful little seedlings.  

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Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


GrowOKC is a Professsional Organic Horticulture Company. We have pinion wood, organic products, smoking wood pellets and cooking wood chips. #growokc



February 06, 2016

Thanks Sandra,

We are keeping up on all the new urban farming updates #urbanfarming and also with hydroponic ways to grow in the city if there is not enough space to grow in soil. Growing indoors with grow lights with aeroponics or hydroponics for growing vegetables is pretty easy. We have a wide range of mushrooms for sale that can be used for health reasons or medicinal mushrooms for just for eating. Shiitake mushrooms for sale are a pretty popular mushroom but reishi and maitake mushrooms are a great nutrient source too. Smoking wood is great way to spice up your flavoring with cooking. Whether you are grilling vegetables, smoking bbq ribs or grilling fish, smoking wood for sale #smokingwood is a great way to encourage and bring great flavors out of food. We will have firewood for sale for the winter time and also firewood for firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Some really good outdoor firewood for great smells is hickory wood, pecan wood and pinion wood #firewood So, check back and see what we have in stock since we are expanding our product line and services in 2016. Thanks Sandra!


February 05, 2016

I love all your urban farming updates. Very insightful and I’ll be ordering some of your firewood for sale soon for our chiminea. Cheers!

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