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From #GrowOKC Instagram Post December 2016

We hope all you are doing well ! We are a e-commerce urban sustainable agriculture business. We are still shipping heavily in this holiday season. Also, a little shout out from the #veggie and #flower seed guys and gals in the #ag industry (our friends and fellow co-workers.)

Please, start buying your veggie #seeds now. Please! Don't wait too late and expect transplant size growth. Whatever planting date you found somewhere on the internet, it very probably may not be correct.


The agriculture industry is #awesome and important since we all #lovetoeat For growing in the state of #oklahoma it's usually Zone 7 but for a specific place like #oklahomacity, its going to  #zone7a.

Get specifics even when you buy any plants this coming spring or antime of the year. Our urban farm / homestead has a April 15 plant date but our research and plant choices have to come out of #plantzone7a .

This week our water well is our december work making the clean aquifier water well runs super smooth. Our regional weather will have "ice rain" coming eventually. Protect and invest your aquifer water. Its not free water. Just signicant difference of water quality for growing vegetation. Even for mycology and cooking mushrooms, cleaner water is just really important for our planet. Don't abuse water.

growokc mushrooms

GrowOKC Mushroom order ready to be shipped to Chicago

For growing tips, or some awesome organic cooking recipes they are listed on our global web store / for advise. We are urban sustainable farmers, lovers of fish fertilizer combined with kelp fertilizer and always using organic practices only.

We help and reach out to others so they can grow great food thru products and advise on our e-commerce website.

Want to start growing today? Go pick up a little packet of lettuce seeds, plant and water every 72 hrs. It's easy!

Hope you all are doing good ! Stay safe always. #homesteading #growokc #urbanfarms

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Plant Grow Lights and Indoor Gardening

If you love gardening and would like to grow all winter long, indoor gardening and hydroponics is a great way to do that.
*grow lights
*You can start your vegetable and fruit tree cutting and seeds indoors at room temperature. Since you are growing indoors your stable temperature is already set without battling outdoor temperatures. Whether you want to manually water your plants using liquid organic fertilizer or use hydroponics, it's easier to manage. 
*grow lights hydroponics
*We have in stock with heated germination mats. Organic soil is a great way to start out that has organic materials for furthering growth. Plant grow lights often use LED lights or T5 lighting. The various fixtures can hang down from your mini greenhouse or from the ceiling. There are various liquid hydroponic fertilizers for sale. Some are nitrogen rich, phosphorous rich or potassium rich. Nitrogen will help the leaves grow robust, the phosphorus will help with the blooming of flowers and the potassium grows a very healthy root system. Ventilation with greenhouse fans are important cause you don'y want stale air. When growing indoors ventilation and air flow is needed. 
*hydroponic fertilizer
*When you choose hydroponic fertilizer, use the correct blend for your own uses. When you see numbers like 5-3-2 that is the nutrient ratio. The 5 number is the nitrogen and this increases plant leaf growth. The 3 is the phosphorus meaning flowering blooming and bright flowers. The 2 number is potassium which really helped the plant root grow and is overall health to your plants. For our growing, we find the potassium to be the most important. The root system is the deciding factor in plant kingdom growth. For for plant grow lights, hydroponics, plant seeds, fertilizer, gardening supplies and more let us help you at:

Hydroponics and Indoor winter growing

hydroponics for sale

*Hydroponics are a great way to grow year round in your home. Hydroponics is indoor growing using nutrient water instead of soil which is used in conventional outdoor growing. Using hydroponics and plant grow lights for sale is a fun way to grow year round. In urban areas, people are moving toward indoor growing because of weather limitations in outdoor growing. For hydroponics Oklahoma City we offer help establishing your new growing system. Growing your plants with #growokc year round inside lets you use your central air at home for consistent temperatures. Also, we can help you with ph meters, hand pruners, organic mushrooms for sale, plants lights, organic fertilizer, fish emulsion fish fertilizer and liquid fertilizer nutrients used in indoor growing. We have consultations for the Oklahoma City metro area helping you set up a year round system and kits for sale. The are all types of organic fertilizers that can be used indoors and we carry a full line of hydroponic supplies for sale. Other items for growing inside is propagation mats, sterile equipment and humidity meters. 

hydroponics for sale

We ship nationwide many horticulture products, organic gardening Oklahoma City, heaters for indoor growing, seed propagation boosters, organic soil and humidifiers.

Check all products in stock on our home page at: