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Pinion wood for sale

Growokc has great authentic pinion wood for sale from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
pinion wood
Pinion wood is great in the summer time because it does a good job of repelling mosquitoes and bugs and insects. All the rest of the year it is a fabulous smelling wood for your chiminea or firepit. Our wood chunks are great for a fire and roasting marshmallows. If you are looking for pinion wood for sale and shipped nationwide, Growokc has it for you.
pinion wood
Pinion wood comes from the areas of new mexico, colorado and utah. It is a shrubby tree and is similar to the alligator juniper firewood. We prefer pinion wood because not only does it smell wonderful, it burns long and hot. It is great for campfires and people will be asking what the amazing smell is. It's pinion wood!
pinion wood
We find that after burning pinion wood, the hot red embers do stay hot for quite awhile if you have plans to use it for winter heating. It is a excellent year round wood. Although it is not for cooking, you would need a smoking wood or cooking wood for food. Enjoy pinion wood for sale year round outside in fire pits, chimineas and indoor fireplace fireplaces for heating.

Buy seeds and flowers EARLY and do it NOW - Growokc

From #GrowOKC Instagram Post December 2016

We hope all you are doing well ! We are a e-commerce urban sustainable agriculture business. We are still shipping heavily in this holiday season. Also, a little shout out from the #veggie and #flower seed guys and gals in the #ag industry (our friends and fellow co-workers.)

Please, start buying your veggie #seeds now. Please! Don't wait too late and expect transplant size growth. Whatever planting date you found somewhere on the internet, it very probably may not be correct.


The agriculture industry is #awesome and important since we all #lovetoeat For growing in the state of #oklahoma it's usually Zone 7 but for a specific place like #oklahomacity, its going to  #zone7a.

Get specifics even when you buy any plants this coming spring or antime of the year. Our urban farm / homestead has a April 15 plant date but our research and plant choices have to come out of #plantzone7a .

This week our water well is our december work making the clean aquifier water well runs super smooth. Our regional weather will have "ice rain" coming eventually. Protect and invest your aquifer water. Its not free water. Just signicant difference of water quality for growing vegetation. Even for mycology and cooking mushrooms, cleaner water is just really important for our planet. Don't abuse water.

growokc mushrooms

GrowOKC Mushroom order ready to be shipped to Chicago

For growing tips, or some awesome organic cooking recipes they are listed on our global web store / for advise. We are urban sustainable farmers, lovers of fish fertilizer combined with kelp fertilizer and always using organic practices only.

We help and reach out to others so they can grow great food thru products and advise on our e-commerce website.

Want to start growing today? Go pick up a little packet of lettuce seeds, plant and water every 72 hrs. It's easy!

Hope you all are doing good ! Stay safe always. #homesteading #growokc #urbanfarms

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Pinion wood for sale

If you are looking for pinion firewood for sale, GrowOKC has it.

pinion wood for sale

CLICK HERE for Pinion wood is great all year round. It repels mosquitoes and is a great indoor firewood for sale for all seasons. #growokc has all new mexico firewood for sale with shipping nationwide!



Firewood for sale - Smoking wood

Growokc has a large selection of firewood for sale for all year round. Whether you are using it for camping wood or campfire wood or for your BBQ smoker.  

To buy firewood now CLICK HERE

We also have pinion wood for sale for chiminea wood, smoking wood chips, smoking wood pellets, eco firewood and more!

firewood for sale

Hickory wood - We have great hickory wood for sale that is great for bbq wood and also fireplace winter firewood for sale. Click here for Hickory wood for sale  This is southern hickory that grows right here in Oklahoma so you are getting it straight from the source. It is freshly cut and then dried and seasoned for smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, grill fish and more.  Hickory is wood is known as the king of the smoking woods and definitely lives up to that status!

Pecan wood - Pecan also is a favorite in our area of the country and grows here so it is coming fresh from the source and of the highest quality. For Pecan wood for sale click here.  Using pecan wood as a smoking wood brings tenderness to your meats because it is a light wood. Often people mix hickory wood and pecan wood together to get a premium smoke.

firewood for sale - smoking wood for sale

 Also for a bit of creativity in your cooking, we have smoking wood pellets and smoking wood chips. We have a large selection of smoking wood pellets and wood chips for all your cooking and wood heat needs in the winter. The part about chips and pellets is you can do some really creative things in your cooking. Mixing apple or hickory with vino oak pellets or any other type of combination may be your answer if you are grilling fish which is a very delicate meat or doing something really creative with your brisket or pork with bbq wood for sale.

If you have a chiminea or outdoor fireplace then the santa fe pinion wood for sale we have is excellent. We also mix our pinion wood - pinyon wood - pinon wood with other woods like hickory wood, pecan wood and mesquite wood. These firewood for sale combination give you a really cool aroma in the backyard of America. Pinion wood is great, but is eve better when you mix it with another firewood. You can always pick out the pinion wood pieces if you want a 100% pinion wood fire and you can use the smoking wood pieces in your bbq smoker, another time for for something unique outdoors. #growokc and

Smoking wood

If you are looking for some great smoking wood for sale, Growokc has it. We have been selling firewood for sale, smoking wood, wood chips and wood pellets for years. We ship nationwide for the best convenience.

To buy Smoking wood or firewood CLICK HERE

smoking wood


Some of our smoking woods include hickory wood, pecan wood, apple wood, pear wood, apricot wood, oak wood and more!  If you are needing chiminea wood we also have Santa Fe, New Mexico Pinion wood, Also spelled pinon wood, pinyon wood, pinion wood.

Our bbq wood is stored indoors so it is the highest quality for smoking ribs, pork, chicken, grilling vegetables and more.  Contact us today! #growokc

Smoking wood

To buy Smoking Wood now CLICK HERE

Growokc has a wide selection of smoking wood for sale for your bbq smoker and can also be used in your chiminea, outdoor fireplace and indoor fireplace. We sell firewood year round and we ship it straight to your door making it the most convenient way to buy firewood, smoking wood, wood pellets, mushrooms and cooking wood. 

smoking wood


Although it depends what you will be cooking or smoking on your grill or bbq smoker, there are a variety of smoking wood for sale possibilities. There are a variety of woods like pecan wood and hickory wood. They are both well known when it comes to smoking meat or even vegetables and grilling mushrooms. There are also fruit woods like apricot wood, apple wood, persimmon wood and peach wood.  Depending on where you live in the United States depends on your local availability. If you are smoking a light meat like pork in your bbq smoker, pecan wood for sale would be a good choice. If you are cooking a thicker and denser meat like brisket, the possibility of hickory wood comes ito play because hickory has a stronger smoke that works for brisket. One rule to follow and personal preference is if you want the meat to "fall of the bone" and very tender or not as much. If you like tender, a great smoking wood for sale is pecan wood!

smoking wood

If you like to be creative in your cooking then smoking wood pellets are a great way to do that. There are many varieties of wood pellets that we carry and enable you to use a wide assortment and control the smoke easily while smoking your meat, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and more.   #growokc

Growokc firewood for sale - mushrooms for sale - smoking wood


There are many things Growokc has to offer when it comes to cooking, agriculture and horticulture. We use only sustainable methods and that means we always use to organic methods.

To see and buy GrowOKC products CLICK HERE



Lately we had 11 ducklings and we let them fertilize our pond so we can get ready for hydroponic growing this spring #hydroponics   #hydroponic

Hydroponic growing is using fertilized water for the growing root medium instead of dirt. It's become very useful in urban farming #urbanfarming applications. You can easily growing indoors instead of having lots of land needed for dirt growing fruits, vegetables and growing herbs. 



Growokc recently got a new #lgd puppy that will cooperate with our chickens here on the Growokc homestead. Selection the correct breed of dog is important because you don't want a dog that will prey on the chickens and other livestock and kill them. Although livestock guardian dogs may be a great pyrenees or anatolian, there are some other breeds that if raised correctly can protect what you hold valuable. Our chickens and the eggs they lay are what we protect. So we found a dog and are raising it in a way that kindness will be a part of its life. We often put the puppy in the chicken coop to get her to have a lifestyle around other farm animals. 

growokc gardening plants


Here are some new plants that are coming up in the Growokc greenhouse #greenhouse and are coming along quite well. They will be ready to go into the garden in our zone 7a growing date of April 15th.  We use April 15 because we need to be sure there is no risk of frost taking away our hard work.  These plants grew from seeds in the winter time. We used a special soil ix of 1/3 peat, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 compost.  Make sure you don't water your seedlings  #seedlings  to much because the vermiculite will retain water and give out water when it is needed.  If you water them too much you will begin growing mushrooms and there ARE NOT edible mushrooms they are poisonous and need to be discarded and thrown away soon. Don't wait because they can spread mushroom spores and it can affect your wonderful little seedlings.