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Often when customers come to our smoking wood shop to try out a new cooking wood, we talk about techniques.  There are so many ways to smoke ribs, bbq, pork, boston butts and other culinary delights. What temperature do you keep your smoker at while smoking? There are great questions and thoughts and I will highlight just one good one in this smoking wood segment.

One clever technique I use has to do with my drip pan in my smoker. Sometimes I have left it dry when I really want to raise the temperature of my bbq smoker. Other times, I added water in the drip pan and this will increase humidity and also keep the temperature down inside the smoker. I like have some type of liquid in the drip pan because I like the moist meat and having the temperature low lets me smoke for hours.

But, I have been experiencing with apple juice in the smoker drip pan. Wow! This is really adding some sweetness to my meats and it keeps the temperature around 200 degrees so I can have a long smoke. Just add apple juice to halfway in your drip pan. The heat will evaporate it into your meat. IMPORTANT: Use 100% organic apple juice. Don't waste your time with the cheap stuff that will mess with your valued meat.

Try this clever smoking technique next time you smoke meat! 

Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


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