Cooking with Pecan smoking wood


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Often customers come to me and ask, "What is the best smoking wood and cooking wood?"

Yes, it does depend on what you are cooking, but I do say this: "Do you want you food to taste great every time or would you like to experiment?"

The bbq wood that I often recommend is Pecan wood. It is just an amazing smoking wood that never fails!  If you are smoking pork ribs, pecan wood will tenderize the meat so it can fall off the bone. Yes, hickory wood is great for flavoring but it has a tendency of drying meat out. Pecan wood is a great remedy for this hickory wood problem.

We all buy a new bbq smoker from time to time. But, if you are not a experience smoker, you just want to make everything come out right the first time. Right? It's not the time for smoking wood experimentation. By the time your meat and you are all excited, you just want to pick a smoking wood that will not cause any problems.

Try pecan wood today! 

Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


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June 21, 2014

Pecan smoking wood is not available in my state. Thanks for hooking me up with some Southern Pecan from your area. I was very very happy with my order from you guys!


June 20, 2014

Pecan wood is one of my favorites! Does it mix well with mesquite smoking wood? Down here in Texas we have plenty of mesquite wood but i’d like to order some of your pecan wood. thanks for your time

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