Spring is on its way!


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It's January now at Upchurch Cooking Wood and Firewood. That means Spring 2014 is right around the corner when we all get to fire up our BBQ smokers and grills.

If you recently bought a BBQ smoker, you can't go wrong with some Pecan wood. Another favorite with our customers is Persimmon cooking wood and is one of the best smoking woods. To get you started with Pecan or Persimmon choose one of our 30 lb selections in our online store.

A customer recently told us he had fabulous results mixing Walnut wood with Pecan wood. Walnut is similar to Hickory wood but Walnut firewood doesn't dry out your meat like Hickory wood will. If you are a lover of Hickory wood, you may find Walnut wood to best one of the best smoking woods.

Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


GrowOKC is a Professsional Organic Horticulture Company. We have pinion wood, organic products, smoking wood pellets and cooking wood chips. #growokc


Upchurch Cooking Firewood
Upchurch Cooking Firewood

June 21, 2014


I prefer vertical smokers because smoke obviously goes up. I also have a horizontal smoker Oklahoma Joe that I really like too. But, if I had the choice I really would go with a vertical bbq smoker. When it comes to seasoning a new smoker, please make the right choice of using pecan wood. Pecan smoking wood is not too overbearing and it will do excellent! Let me know if you ever have an other question that come up with your cooking journey!


June 20, 2014

I am about to buy a BBQ smoker and wondered what type of smoker you recommend. I will also be seasoning it and will be ordering your smoking wood to season it. Can you give me seasoning smoking wood recommendations? Thanks, Tommy in Miami, FL

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