Oklahoma City Farmers Market

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The historic downtown Oklahoma City Farmers Market is open every Saturday. There are weekly hours for each shop but GrowOKC Firewood of Okahoma City  http://GrowOKC.com is just south of Earth to Urban Organic Supermarket. http://www.earth2urban.com/  is their website.  The Farmers Market website is:  http://okcfarmersmarket.com/


The Oklahoma City Farmers Market has been in operation since the 1920's. There is fresh fruit and vegetables, antiques, organic meats, cooking firewood and more.


okc farmers market



The Oklahoma City Farmers Market is located in downtown Oklahoma City and is open thru the week and also every Saturday. Since long ago, farmers from around the state of Oklahoma have been bringing their fresh fruit, vegetables and arts and crafts to market. It has been a mecca for the best food for a very long time. Come to the famers market in Oklahoma City today!

Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


GrowOKC is a Professsional Organic Horticulture Company. We have pinion wood for sale year round. #growokc


david - Ponca City
david - Ponca City

July 22, 2014

We love coming down to the Oklahoma City Farmers Market. It is growing in popularity and there are more vendors coming down to sell their vegetables, fruits and more. Also a great antique stores at the okc farmers market. Great place!


June 20, 2014

OKC Farmers Market is a great place to go shopping!

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