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If you are in the area of Oklahoma City or nationwide and looking for cooking firewood, smoking wood, wood chips, pinion wood then come on by our wood shop located in the downtown historic Farmers Market. #growokc


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Growokc Firewood - Smoking wood for sale - Pinion wood has the largest selection of the best smoking wood in the Midwest. We have over 30 different types of cooking wood and smoking wood for your year round cooking needs. We supply our local restaurants and BBQ restaurants with the best smoking wood to help them serve their customers with the best wood for flavoring meats. If you are too far of a distance to see us at our local wood shop, then our online store will serve you best and we ship UPS worldwide at our site here at Upchurch Cooking Firewood. We have been enjoying our Apricot wood that we have had in stock recently. Apricot wood at Growokc Firewood Oklahoma City has a hard core for this fruit wood so it can burn longer than some of the other fruit and nut woods. Apricot has a very sweet sap line and is sweeter than Peach wood and Apple wood. Apricot is a rare wood because there just aren't many apricot orchards out there in the United States. Apple wood is very overrated smoking wood because it can bring about a bad aftertaste to your smoked meats. Some of our customers refer to it as too tangy. Another smoking wood at GrowOKC Firewood Oklahoma City is Persimmon wood. Persimmon is a loved smoking wood here in the Midwest where it available. It happens to plentiful here in the Cross Timbers region and grows wild. When Persimmon is freshly cut it has a yellow core but after it season for awhile it turns into a brownish color. It has one of the largest and widest fruit wood sap lines I have ever seen in our many years in this firewood business. It is great for pork, poultry, game meats and everything else you want to put on the smoker. Don't underestimate the power of the best smoking wood like Persimmon. It is favored much more than Apple wood for sale.


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 Some of our popular year round firewood at GrowOKC Firewood for sale and Smoking wood for sale is Oak wood in the winter time. Oak wood is great for the winter fireplaces but it is not often the best choice for your BBQ smoker. Oak smoking wood does give a nice reddish color to your smoking meats but it doesn't offer as much flavor like the smoking fruit woods do.  A popular smoking wood recipe is to combine Pecan wood with Oak wood and this does turn out well for all your cooked foods. We just don't recommend Oak wood alone unless this is the smoking wood recipe you have been using for a long time. We don't want to change your wood recipe only to hep you find the best smoking wood combination for you.

A popular firewood available here at GrowOKC Firewood Oklahoma City is our Santa Fe Pinion wood. This type of firewood is not meant for cooking and smoking wood because it is a gymnosperm. Gymnosperms are of the pine family and really make your food and meats turn out nasty and unedible.  Pinion wood is for the year round chiminea fireplaces, indoor fireplaces during the winter time and outdoor fireplaces on your patio. Pinion wood is long known as a great bug repellant, insect and mosquito repellant. Bugs hate the smell of pinion trees and we all just happen to love that New Mexico smell.  We offer our pinion wood in bags that weigh either 15 lbs or 30 lbs. These are our best sellers because the pinion is already cut down to 9" chunks and are perfect for your chiminea. Other customers like the full length logs that we split and you get more pinion wood if you choose this avenue.

GrowOKC Firewood Oklahoma City



GrowOKC Smoking wood for sale also has a great collection of the finest smoking wood chips and smoking wood pellets. Some of the most exotic smoking woods we have are Olive, Butternut, Peach and even Wine-Soaked Oak. You can have a vastly new smoking wood experience when fusing these pellets in a smoker box tray or wrapped in aluminum foil with holes poked in the foil. The directions for the smoking wood options are to get your firebox fire going and let it burn down to coals. Then place your smoker box tray full of chips or pellets. You can also combine a mix to your liking. Some people soak their smoking chips and smoking pellets to get them to smoke even more. You are not wanting the chips and pellets to catch on fire but to merely smoke. Some of our most unique smoking of meats come with bringing these smoking wood pellets and smoking wood pellets into the wood recipe. We carry these smoking chips and smoking pellets from all over the nation that are not available in your local area. We have the finest firewood distributors bringing us these unusual firewood options for your best smoking wood experience from GrowOKC Firewood Oklahoma City.

GrowOKC Firewood Oklahoma City





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    Most of our customers like the free shipping of firewood year round. It comes straight to our doorstep. We can ship all kinds of smoking wood and cooking wood. Some of our bestsellers of smoking wood are Hickory wood, Pecan wood, mesquite wood and oak wood. We also ship authentic pinion wood for sale from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Check back with us or go ahead and conveniently order online and have your firewood come straight to your doorstep.
    Our Pecan wood for sale is really great for all types of cooking and smoking meats like ribs, steaks. Hickory wood is known as the “King of the Smoking Woods” is a well known favorite for BBQ ribs, brisket and more. Another option we have is Apricot wood that we got from a fruit orchard. It is a hot burning firewood and also burns long. We used Apricot wood to grill a lot of deer steaks over this past winter. Check our smoking wood website and make the best option that fits your smoking. Thanks for your input, Timothy.

  • timothy

    I live in Minneapolis and wonder if it would be better to have your free shipping to me in Minnesota or to drive thru on my way to Texas. How long does your firewood for sale shipping take usually? Thanks for your firewood help.

  • Upchurch Cooking Firewood

    Yes, Janice we are open year round. The best way to buy firewood, smoking wood and pinion wood is to have us ship it to you year round. There are various cooking woods and pinion wood that are great 365 days a year.

  • Janice

    Hi, are you open year round?

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