Smoking wood for meat


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 smoking wood for meat


If you are looking for the correct smoking wood for meat, we have a variety of options for you. Smoking meat is a fun endeavor and pairing your meat with the correct smoking wood is important.  There are a variety of meats to consider like wild game meats, beef, pork and more.  In experience, the lighter smoking woods are used with pork. Pecan smoking wood is a great choice for meat but hickory wood would not be my first choice for a lighter meat like pork. 

Hickory smoking wood - Hickory packs a very robust aroma and when used correctly can be a fabulous smoking wood. It is called the "King of the Smoking woods" and is a popular choice for ribs and brisket.  There are some various meats that hickory wood is not preferred like fish. Fish needs a lighter wood and hickory wood can easily overpower fish and seafood. Hickory is best used in smaller portions and is really good as a add on smoking wood to your base wood that you use in your bbq smoker.

Walnut smoking wood for meat - Walnut wood can exceed the expectations and can really do well with meats and wild game. Walnut smoking wood has some similarities to hickory wood but walnut will not dry out your meat like using too much hickory wood can do.

Pecan wood - Pecan smoking wood is a all around amazing wood that can be used as your base wood and your primary smoking wood. A base wood is the wood you use to begin your fire in your bbq smoker firebox. The base wood also serves as the underlying coals to keep the fire hot throughout your cooking and smoking session. Pecan wood can be used with ribs to fish. If you are interested in grill and smoking fish then pecan smoking wood is going to be your best choice. Pecan is a lighter aromatic wood and won't overpower your cooked food.


smoking wood for meat 


For a unique way of smoking meat, bbq pellets are a great way to smoke meats. Pellets are 100% fruit or nut wood and they should not have any fillers in them. We also discourage pellets that have a oak wood base. If you want oak wood pellets then buy them that way. But to "cut" the 100% fruit and nut wood with oak is not preferred. Using smoking wood pellets really expand your possibilities in aromatic flavors to use.  To look at all of our smoking wood pellets for sale, click here

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