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Buying firewood sure has some nice conveniences when it comes to buying firewood. With the busy lives we all have with family, friends and work there is a great luxury of having your order delivered straight to your door step. There are many reasons why you may want us to ship your firewood at all times of the year:

1.  Picking up your firewood may require a vacuuming out of your vehicle after you are done picking up.

2.  You don't have to search and make phone calls to arrange delivery options especially if you are busy or have long work hours.

3.  Click and pay quickly with the convenience of your credit card without dealing with the "cash only" firewood delivery man.

4.  Shipping UPS allows us and UPS to take care of all the work with the end product of your order delivered easily to your door step.

We are seeing more and more in the firewood industry that customers are wanting convenience. You don't have to spend your valuable day off, Saturday or any other day of the week hunting down your winter heating firewood.


buy firewood online





  • Upchurch Smoking Firewood for sale


    Yes, the convenience of buying firewood online and having it arrive on your doorstep is a nice luxury. Have a great winter and stay warm in Minnesota.

    - Upchurch Smoking Wood and Firewood

  • Teresa - Minnesota

    Great points on having firewood bought online. We have trouble finding firewood available later in our winter season. thanks

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