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The best smoking woods available we have here at Growokc dot com.  We have types of smoking wood options that are used in many different culinary ways. We have everything for the best smoking wood to smoke BBQ ribs to Sassafras pellets which you use to cook beef jerky.


best smoking wood



We have experimented with so many types of smoking wood that we don't want to single out a certain best smoking wood and say it is the best. We do know that apple wood is not the best. The internet says it is and you just can't believe everything on the internet. We have experimented and found that creating a smoking wood mix of 2 woods can really increase the outcome of your cooked product.


Pecan wood with Hickory wood -   Great for BBQ ribs and such. Famous mix.


Pecan wood with Walnut wood -  Excellent and very similar to Pecan /Hickory but hickory smoking wood often gives people indigestion. Walnut is similar and does not have that effect.


Persimmon wood with anything -   This makes up some combinations that we like to have fun with and experiment.  We have always had great results with persimmon as one of the best smoking woods. 


We will discuss some other great smoking wood combinations in our following posts because we have discovered many great combos. 

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Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


GrowOKC is a Professsional Organic Horticulture Company. We have pinion wood, organic products, smoking wood pellets and cooking wood chips. #growokc



November 10, 2014

Hi Jon,

We have a lot of restaurants we work with and sell smoking wood to? Let us know what your dishes are and we can pair up the correct smoking wood options. Thanks Jon

Jon - Seattle, WA
Jon - Seattle, WA

November 10, 2014


Do you sell smoking wood year round for restaurants? Thanks for your help

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