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Smoking wood is our specialty here at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Firewood. We have one of the largest selection in the nation because of the wide range of cooking wood and smoking wood we have available. One of our best smoking wood options lately has been the Hickory wood mix with Pecan wood. It goes well with all kinds of meats including pork ribs, chicken, pork, deer meat and more.

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When you are using smoking wood for sale there are various applications you need to consider. You need to know the type of smoking wood you need to have paired with your meat and vegetables being cooked.  One smoking wood that should seldom be used is Mesquite wood for sale. It can easily overpower your meat and ruin it. Mesquite is good in small doses especially meat that is on the grill for a short time. Burgers and fajitas are good examples for proper times to use mesquite smoking wood. We do not recommend using mesquite smoking wood with long smokes in your BBQ smoker. If you are looking for a great smoking wood to be used for long smoking periods, pecan smoking wood is a great choice. The other fruit woods are also a really good choice like apricot smoking wood, persimmon smoking wood or pear smoking wood. Long smoking periods are not the time for hickory smoking wood and definitely not mesquite smoking wood.

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Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


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Upchurch Smoking Wood
Upchurch Smoking Wood

March 05, 2015

Hi Jason,

It sounds like you are going to be doing some great cooking and smoking on your grill. Firstly for the t bones there are a couple different options. There is hickory smoking wood, pecan smoking wood and mesquite smoking wood. First the hickory wood will do a really nice job and its often paired well with pecan smoking wood. We have a smoking wood combination for sale that includes 50% hickory smoking wood and 50% pecan smoking wood. I did mention the mesquite smoking wood but you have to be careful to not overuse it. Mesquite smoking wood is very powerful. And the power of mesquite can be seen as a blessing or a curse. Don’t use mesquite smoking wood for long smokes. It can destroy your smoked meats.

For the fish, we have a smoking wood pellets combination of Alder wood with Pecan wood. AMAZING combination for fish hands down. When grilling vegetables, We believe pecan smoking wood far surpasses all the other options.

Thanks for your great smoking wood questions, Jason!

Jason - Chicago IL
Jason - Chicago IL

March 05, 2015

Hi this is Jason from Chicago IL -

I have some questions about smoking wood. I am about to order from you and I just want to make sure i get the correct smoking wood combinations. I am going to be grilling some t bone steaks first.

Then some grilled vegetables and I’d like to try some Cod, tilapia or salmon fish on the grill. So basically a lot of grilling but a couple different things. Do i need different types of smoking wood for each type or can i do it all with one versatile smoking wood? Thanks for all your help.


Chicago, IL

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