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When you choose a great smoking wood it is best to look for the correct wood to use with what you are going to be cooking.  There are various best wood for smoking options that may work well with one type of smoked food and a cooking wood that won't work well. So, first let's take a look at grilling and smoking fish.

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Fish is delicate so it is important to not use a smoking wood that is overbearing. The types of smoking wood that is not recommended for grilling fish is smoking woods like hickory wood and mesquite wood. For example, mesquite wood is so powerful it will overtake the flavor of the fish. It may be so intense that it may not be edible. Mesquite wood is a favored smoking wood in Texas and is used on nearly everything but fish. Hickory wood is another that is going to be too overbearing for grilling fish.  The types of smoking wood that should be considered are woods like Pecan smoking wood. Pecan wood is a great choice for fish because it is a light cooking wood and it will let the natural flavors of the fish come through.

Smoking wood combinations are another great way to cook well. Having two woods at the same time can increase and compliment your cooking. One great combination is mixing hickory wood with pecan wood. On some occasions it is advised to use 50% / 50% ratio and on some times it works best by changing that. Let's take smoking pork for example. I would not use such a high percentage of hickory wood because pork can be fairly delicate and too much hickory wood would really overdo it.  Pork like boston butt would call for a ratio of 25% hickory wood and 75% pecan wood.

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Kyle Upchurch
Kyle Upchurch


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Upchurch Smoking Wood
Upchurch Smoking Wood

March 12, 2015


The smoking wood you are looking for to smoke beef jerky is Sassafras wood. It is the one smoking wood that is meant for jerky. It may be easier and better if you use sassafras smoking wood pellets. Have fun Randy and I hope it turns out great!

Randy - Austin Texas
Randy - Austin Texas

March 11, 2015

Hi Upchurch Cooking Firewood,

Do you have a best wood for smoking for beef jerky? Thanks for your help. We have a lot of deer meat and want to turn it into beef jerky and need the correct smoking wood. Thank you!

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