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Best Cooking Wood

 For the best cooking wood we have a wide selection of many smoking wood options that will compliment all your meals. If you have never cooked or grilled over wood fire you are missing a very important element of fine cooking. There are cooking woods for sale that have different aromas and flavors.


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Smoking Wood

There are many types of options if you are looking for a great smoking wood for sale. First, is to consider what you are going to be cooking and smoking in your pizza oven, bbq smoker, grill or another way.  Often customers of ours are looking for a great smoking wood because they are going to be smoking a little bit of everything.  We have smoking wood for sale for all your culinary dishes.

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First, lets look at some of the lighter meats like chicken and pork. Grilled vegetables can also be put in this category. With the lighter meats, you'll want to go with a light fruit smoking wood. Some various smoking woods that are included are persimmon wood, apricot wood, pear smoking wood and then there are various smoking wood pellets that really do a great job. Peach wood pellets, apple wood pellets, wine soaked oak pellets and lemon wood chips and cherry wood chips. If you are using the smoking wood pellets and wood chips, they need to be soaked in water for 15 minutes first. This will really help them smoke better. Dry pellets and chips won't work well.

Another popular item to smoke in your bbq smoker is pork ribs. They are a American favorite and there are some great ways to smoke the ribs and there are some ways you definitely want to avoid.  A very popular smoking wood recipe is combining 50% Pecan and 50% Hickory. This is a great way  to smoke your ribs. The hickory is known as the King of the Smoking Woods and gives it that amazing flavor. The pecan smoking wood helps the meat stay tender and the meat can fall off the bone. These two characteristics make a great smoking wood combination. On occasion, hickory can give people indigestion and that is mostly because the bark is bitter. Some chefs and cooks will take the bark off the hickory wood to avoid that bitterness. If hickory smoking wood gives you indigestion then a great choice would be to use Walnut wood. Walnut smoking wood is very similar to hickory but walnut is a bit sweeter and it also doesn't dry out meat.  

Another way to go for the best smoking wood is to use Oak firewood. A known smoking wood recipe is 50% Oak wood and 50% Pecan wood. There is a reason why Oak wood is popular. Oak is known as the Queen of the Smoking Woods and is a long burning firewood for sale. Oak is fairly neutral in aroma so it can make a good base wood in the bottom of your smoker box. Oak is not going to interfere with you other main smoking wood. If you use Pecan smoking wood to mix with the Oak you are going to very happy. Pecan is a well known wood and is excellent.

A technique I have found to be very productive is to use a water pan in the bbq smoker. Combined with a great smoking wood combination, the water pan really keeps your meats moist as the water condensation finds its way into the smoking chamber. You can add water in your smoker water pan or you can use fruit juice. If you decide to use a gallon of fruit juice in your water pan, apple juice tends to be the most popular. I have also added some molasses in with the fruit juice. 

If you are in Texas, you probably think of mesquite smoking wood as one of the best. But, we always caution our customers on using too much mesquite wood. Mesquite smoking wood is incredibly strong and can easily overpower you meat and ruin them. The last time we researched and used mesquite smoking wood, it turned all our smoked food a brown film and it was so intense with aroma that we had to throw everything away that we cooked. So, if you are using mesquite smoking wood then use it sparingly. 

A smoking wood that is rather unknown and is amazing is Persimmon smoking wood. Persimmon is a light fruit smoking wood and cooking wood. It is a rather hot burning firewood so you won't need to use charcoal or a base smoking wood for a heat source. The persimmon firewood for sale can do it all. It can keep the heat at a good temperature and also provide an amazing aroma and flavor. Persimmon smoking wood keeps your meats moist and is just great.

In the south, a lot of people really just enjoy Hickory smoking wood. Often a base smoking wood is not needed. Hickory wood can provide plenty of heat for your entire smoking wood session. Hickory provides a very popular flavor that is used in the bbq industry of many restaurants. Also, people have been known to use Hickory in the winter time in their winter fireplace. It has a very appealing aroma and can really provide a lot of heat because it has a high amount of btu's.