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Best Cooking Wood

 For the best cooking wood we have a wide selection of many smoking wood options that will compliment all your meals. If you have never cooked or grilled over wood fire you are missing a very important element of fine cooking. There are cooking woods for sale that have different aromas and flavors.


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Best Smoking Wood for Ribs

Best Smoking Wood for Ribs


This is a very important question that we get from customers because smoking pork ribs is a very important dish nationwide.  There are couple different ways you can go about it when deciding the best smoking wood for your important food and even the grilled vegetables and baked potatoes you may smoke along with your BBQ pork ribs.


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Restaurants and caterers that we work with across the nation often use the best smoking wood recipe of 50% hickory wood and 50% pecan.  These smoking woods can be used with a few options but there is a reason why backyard chefs often lean toward this smoking wood recipe. Hickory smoking wood is known as the "King of the Smoking Wood" and has the most authentic flavor that is a well known taste for your meats. Pecan smoking wood is a prime compliment to the hickory smoking wood because the pecan wood can really help your meats and food tender. Pecan wood doesn't overpower your meats and it's really going to be a great compliment to your meats. Pecan is great for virtually everything from beef, pork, burgers, fajitas, grilled vegetables, grilled cheese and more.

You have a choice to what you would like to use as the coal base in the bottom of your smoker. Some people choice charcoal but please don't use the cheap big chain store. These inferior charcoals will burn out within 3 hours and then you are stuck.  What are you to do when the charcoal burns out? Make more and somehow getting it below your best smoking wood you are using. This turns into a catastrophe. If you are using a imported charcoal like what we sell then your charcoal will stay good and hot for 6 hours or more.  If you are using the pecan wood and hickory wood you may be able to use these smoking woods as a coal base. This is what I normally do. If the hickory can stay lit then I like using it as the coal base because hickory wood is going to stay hot for quite a long amount of time.  There are other ways you are going to be using your smoking wood recipe of hickory wood and pecan wood. This is a great best smoking wood recipe that can be used for grilling and roasting corn on the cob. Corn on the cob really taste great on your smoker. The pecan smoking wood will keep the corn on the cob moist and the hickory wood will really give it some dynamic flavor. Often when you are smoking on your BBQ smoker, you will throw on grilled vegetables, potatoes, cheese and maybe some burgers. The hickory smoking wood and pecan smoking wood will be doing a very fine job that you will be very happy with the outcome.


For the best smoking wood with ribs, fruit smoking woods also need to be mentioned. The fruit smoking woods will give a different outcome than using the hickory wood and pecan smoking wood. Hickory wood and pecan wood are nut smoking woods. To explore the fruit woods, let's start with apricot wood, persimmon wood, apple wood and even peach wood. The fruit smoking woods are going to give a lighter flavor for your best pork ribs. The fruit woods are going to bring out more of the meat flavor where the hickory will give it a rush of aromatic flavor.  I have mixed apricot wood or persimmon wood but I often couple it with pecan wood. Yes, pecan smoking wood is a nut wood but because it compliments so many things it won't be overpowering as a smoking woods. When it comes to smoking the best pork, Persimmon we have used a lot in our research of the finest and best smoking wood recipes.  Persimmon is a hot burning wood that can be used well as a coal base and you won't need to utilize a long burning imported charcoal. Our imported wood has been coming from Mexico where some of the best lump charcoal comes from.  Apricot smoking wood is also great and it is actually quite a long burning firewood for sale. I loved using apricot as one of the best smoking woods for grilling steaks and deer steaks.

Often cooks will smoke beef ribs and this is a another to consider cause you will need another type of the best smoking wood for ribs. Beef is a meat that is different from smoking pork ribs.  Where are pork ribs, you want to choose a certain smoking wood recipe, I'd recommend another type of smoking wood for sale for the beef ribs. The important part of beef ribs is you don't want to overdo it with the harsher aromatic smoking woods. I would not encourage smoking woods like Mesquite wood or Almond wood. This is going to overpower your beef ribs and they may turn out tougher that you'd like when it is time to sit down and eat them at the dinner table. Choose lighter fruit smoking woods and nut woods. This includes pecan wood, persimmon wood, apple wood, peach wood. I personally wouldn't use hickory wood for the beef ribs. Yes, hickory wood is the king of the best smoking woods, but it may be a little too intense for beef. Choose lighter fruit and citrus smoking woods like Lemon smoking wood chips which are really popular. Apricot wood is another great choice. Persimmon is also fabulous. When smoking beef ribs this may give you the opportunity to try some of our amazing smoking wood pellets. Smoking wood pellets are so versatile and so fun to use. We have wood pellets of such a large amount of options like apple smoking wood pellets, orange smoking wood pellets, peach smoking wood pellets, sassafras wood pellets. There are a couple different wood pellets I would stay away from in this application. I'd stay away from our Mesquite wood pellets. But, take a close consideration of all of our fruit wood pellets.


For the best smoking wood options on smoking prime rib is going to be fun. Smoking prime rib is quite a cooking and smoking endeavor. This is not the time to use the mesquite wood, hickory wood, almond wood and the other more intense nut smoking wood options. With smoking prime rib, go with the lighter smoking woods like the fruit options and pecan wood makes a really good base for smoked prime rib.  If you are considering smoking game birds and game meats like venison then this is also the opportunity to lean toward the lighter woods. Most game birds and meats do not stay on the grill or smoker for along time. You'll want your meat to stay on the smoker and grill for a very short of amount of time. Keeping this type of meat on too long will easily make the meat turn out too tough. Go light with game birds and game meats!

Seafood sure is fun on the smoker and grill. Seafood does not stay on the grill or smoker very long. Grilling or smoking seafood and including fish need a very light of the best smoking wood. Pecan wood, Peach wood, apple wood pellets, apple wood pellets and various other of our great best smoking woods for fish and seafood!