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Best Cooking Wood

 For the best cooking wood we have a wide selection of many smoking wood options that will compliment all your meals. If you have never cooked or grilled over wood fire you are missing a very important element of fine cooking. There are cooking woods for sale that have different aromas and flavors.


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Smoking Wood

Smoking wood for sale is a very important part of cooking. Whether you are going to be smoking bbq ribs, chicken or even grilling a few vegetables, it is very important you choose the right smoking wood for your application.  Are you a vegan?  Then don't be discouraged - this is not just about smoking meats and pork. All your vegan dishes can be greatly enhanced over wood fired cooking.

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In our opinion that are definitely some different smoking woods for sale that work better than others in certain cooking. In your BBQ smoker, if you are smoking some nice pork ribs, you may really like the 50% hickory smoking wood with the 50% pecan smoking wood. The hickory wood gives you that nice authentic flavor and the pecan smoking wood helps the meat fall off the bone. If we were to choose one smoking wood that exceeded all the others it would be pecan smoking wood. It is a light nut wood and seriously brings out all the flavoring in your cooked and smoked food. Pecan wood is not overbearing like smoking woods like mesquite. Mesquite smoking wood has ability to completely overpower and dominate foods to where it is so intense we have had to throw away the meat we used with mesquite. If you re looking forward to smoking some great meats, be very careful with the mesquite smoking wood.


smoking wood


There are many smoking wood options you can choose when it comes to finding a great cooking wood for your tastes.  One of the most popular nation smoking wood favorites is Hickory smoking wood. Hickory smoking wood can be used in various different cooking ways. It's a great smoking wood for sale when it comes to pork bbq ribs. Hickory smoking wood for sale is also great for brisket.  There are some part of the United States that do not have hickory trees growing nearby and hickory smoking wood seems to be more popular in those areas. Another great smoking wood is Pecan smoking wood for sale. Pecan smoking wood also goes well with hickory wood if smoking and grilling ribs are your prime cooking choice. Pecan wood tends to tenderize the meat more than hickory wood does but when you combine the two cooking woods you create a powerful smoking wood combination.  Another way to use smoking wood is by using cooking wood pellets. Smoking wood pellets come in many different cooking flavors like pecan, hickory wood, mesquite wood, maple wood, alder wood and more. To check our inventory click here:  Smoking wood  Another way to enjoy cooking woods and smoking woods for sale is to use wood chips. 

Smoking Wood for sale

 Smoking wood for sale is the specialty at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Cooking Supply. We have a very wide selection of cooking wood for sale and smoking wood for sale. Firstly, is to decide what it is you are going to be cooking and smoking. If you are going to be cooking a lot of different meats and foods then one of the best smoking wood for sale is pecan smoking wood. It is not overbearing and will cook a wide selection of food well.

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If you are needing a smoking wood for sale for a particular meat then there are various options to pair your smoking wood for sale with the correct smoking wood.  If you are wanting to have moist meat where it comes close to falling off the bone, then pecan smoking wood for sale is a good option. If you are wanting that BBQ flavoring then hickory smoking wood for sale is the best option. If you are going to be cokoing and smoking a lot of different foods at the same time then use a fruit smoking wood because it will be light and to overbear your meats and vegetables.

smoking wood for sale 

Smoking Wood

Smoking wood is our specialty here at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Firewood. We have one of the largest selection in the nation because of the wide range of cooking wood and smoking wood we have available. One of our best smoking wood options lately has been the Hickory wood mix with Pecan wood. It goes well with all kinds of meats including pork ribs, chicken, pork, deer meat and more.

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When you are using smoking wood for sale there are various applications you need to consider. You need to know the type of smoking wood you need to have paired with your meat and vegetables being cooked.  One smoking wood that should seldom be used is Mesquite wood for sale. It can easily overpower your meat and ruin it. Mesquite is good in small doses especially meat that is on the grill for a short time. Burgers and fajitas are good examples for proper times to use mesquite smoking wood. We do not recommend using mesquite smoking wood with long smokes in your BBQ smoker. If you are looking for a great smoking wood to be used for long smoking periods, pecan smoking wood is a great choice. The other fruit woods are also a really good choice like apricot smoking wood, persimmon smoking wood or pear smoking wood. Long smoking periods are not the time for hickory smoking wood and definitely not mesquite smoking wood.

Cooking Wood for sale


Cooking wood for sale of Upchurch Firewood and Smoking Wood has many options for all your different types of cooking. If you are cooking and smoking on a grill, BBQ smoker, pizza oven or even a chiminea we have the cooking wood for sale for your best cooking.  Below we will discuss our many options for your favorite culinary dishes.


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A important factor when choosing the best smoking wood is to consider what you will be cooking. Some cooking wood for sale options may be great with pork but not as much with beef. Beef is a dense meat and may go better with a light fruit smoking wood. A meat like pork is a lighter meat and you can use a little bit of hickory wood which is a stronger aromatic cooking wood for sale. 

Walnut smoking wood - Walnut is a fabulous smoking wood and I have often mixed it with some sweet pecan. Walnut has some similarities to hickory but it is not quite as intense as hickory wood for sale. It is much lighter than mesquite wood. Mesquite cooking wood for sale is the most intense smoking wood and you should use it carefully.

Walnut wood also should be seasoned for awhile and should not be used if it is "green" or freshly cut. Walnut smoking wood needs to sit and season for a bit to mellow out the flavor. Some people are familiar with walnut wood for sale being used in furniture making, but is was firstly used as a excellent best smoking wood.

Hickory smoking wood - As we discuss walnut wood we want to include hickory wood because of the similarities they both have in common.  Hickory smoking wood is known as the king of the smoking woods because it is so popular nationwide. It is the main smoking wood for sale used in BBQ restaurants nationwide. A great thing to add is that it is really nice to use in your winter fireplace as a great heat source.  It has a very dense core and creates a really long burn and it has a high BTU output so it does make a great winter fireplace firewood when it is available.

Pecan cooking wood for sale - I refer to pecan smoking wood as the cooking wood for sale that can cook everything in a wonderful way. If you are going to be cooking and smoking many different things on your grill, smoker or green egg then pecan smoking wood being a light nut wood will do a wonderful job of it all. It is the lightest of the nut woods and it is not going to overpower your meats, grilled vegetables, pizza oven pizza, pork and game birds and game meats. Pecan wood can also be complimented with another smoking wood for sale like hickory wood, persimmon wood and Oak firewood.

Persimmon wood - Persimmon smoking wood and Persimmon cooking wood for sale is a rare fruit smoking wood and it can do some amazing things to your culinary dishes. We have used persimmon wood with pork shoulder, boston butt, beef, grilled vegetables and more. It isn't going to overpower your food and since it has a high BTU output, it can be used as your coal base smoking wood. Often people choose Oak smoking wood for this, but the Persimmon has enough heat it can generate it will work well in this regard.

Hedge Apple smoking wood - Hedge a very popular fireplace firewood and is used extensively in Kansas as a great smoking wood. It is a wood that has a extremely hard core and it is the hottest burning firewood in the nation. It also has great potential as a smoking wood. We have also used hedge and Santa Fe Pinion  wood together but this mix in particular is not to be used as a cooking wood for sale.

Mesquite smoking wood - Mesquite cooking wood was made famous in Texas and they use it for all of their cooking. But beware, it is such a powerful aromatic cooking wood for sale that it can ruin your meat if you are using it for long smoking sessions. I have used mesquite wood in long smoking sessions like 6 hours and more and I had to throw all the meat away. Mesquite is best on the grill or very short smokes. Mesquite smoking wood is great for fajitas, burgers and steaks. Just don't use it on the long smokes and you'll be very happy.

Maple wood - Maple is a great wood and it is very light and subtle. It is most often used for fish and the delicate dishes you are creating. Maple is very popular on the east coast for restaurants cooking and smoking a lot of high prized fish and seafood dishes.

Mulberry smoking wood - Mulberry is quite underrated and can create some fabulous dishes. It has a sweet aroma and those that really love cooking and smoking with Mulberry smoking wood absolutely love it.

Smoking wood pellets - We have a very large selection of smoking wood pellets or cooking wood pellets. Our wood pellets are very versatile and you only need to use 1/3 cup at a time. It is necessary to soak your pellets in water or even fruit juice if you are experienced. Our smoking wood pellets and cooking wood pellets are of the highest quality and we do not use any additives or fillers (like glue or cheap Oak wood.)  Our fruit wood pellets and nut wood pellets are of the highest quality. If you want your dishes to come out the best, only use our wood pellets for the best results!

Cooking Wood

We have a large selection of Cooking wood for sale for all types of cooking and smoking. If you are looking for best wood for grilling fish, best wood for smoking fish or different ways to cook meat we can help in all those areas. Especially with meats, they need to be paired with a great cooking wood for sale so it can turn out the best possible way.

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Cooking wood is made up of certain fruit cooking woods and nut cooking woods. Most of these types of firewoods are found in the orchards of the United States.  There are the fruit orchards like peach smoking wood, apple smoking wood, pear smoking wood, orange smoking wood and many more. One of the most famous nut cooking wood is pecan smoking wood. Pecan smoking wood is used quite frequently because it is not overbearing to all your cooked meats, vegetables, pork and more. Pecan cooking wood is one of the cooking woods that can be used virtually with any type of cooking dish. 

When you are beginning your fire in your BBQ smoker firebox it needs to be done correctly. You need to decide if you are going to use charcoal for heat or using a base wood like Oak cooking wood.  As long as you are not cooking over 6 hours you can use pecan cooking wood as your base. But, if you are going to be smoking for quite some time then you need to consider using Oak cooking wood. Oak has a fairly neutral aroma but it has the capacity of burning really long and hot. Some people use Oak cooking wood as their main cooking wood and that is great. But, some people like to make a smoking wood combination and use the Oak cooking wood with another smoking wood like Hickory wood or Pecan wood or a variety of other smoking wood options.  We have found that using a cooking wood combination of Hickory smoking wood with Pecan smoking wood is great. This is the main smoking wood combination of smoking pork ribs. The hickory smoking wood combines excellent with the pecan smoking wood. The Pecan cooking wood really helps the meat fall off the bone and the hickory smoking wood gives it that excellent flavor that is known around the country in BBQ restaurants. Then there are the types of cooking wood options for some really long smokes like brisket. Brisket is going to need a long burning coal base like oak smoking wood. It's not advised to use charcoal on the very long smokes because what does one do when the charcoal burn out? You are stuck!  So use a long burning coal base in your BBQ smoker box like oak smoking wood. The oak cooking wood is rather neutral in aroma. Then a great option can be hickory wood. If you like to have some really nice authentic flavor then hickory wood is great. Please avoid mesquite wood cause it is so powerful with a strong aroma that it can literally destroy your meats and you'll be throwing it all away instead of enjoying it.

There are a couple different ways in using cooking woods to. Cooking wood pellets are awesome and are really easy to use. Our smoking wood pellets are 100% fruit or nut wood that has been ground down into sawdust and then compressed into pellets. You will need to soak the pellets for 15 minutes before using because that will help them smoke more. If you don't have a smoker box tray, put about a 1/3 cup of damp pellets in your smoker box and set the box on or close to the fire. If you are not using a BBQ smoker tray, you can use aluminum foil and wrap the pellets in the foil. Make some small holes in the foil so the sweet pellet smoke can escape. We have a wide variety of all types of cooking wood pellets and they really make cooking fun because of the wide variety we have at Upchurch Cooking and Firewood.

Cooking Firewood for sale




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Cooking Firewood happens to be a staple for our lives. If you go to a restaurant, they are probably cooking your food over a wood fired grill. You may want to ask if they are or not cause the quality depends on it. The better tasting foods you eat at restaurants are going to the extent of bringing you the best - food wood fired. The goal we all have is to bring the great taste of food we have at restaurants to bring it home to our own dinner plate.  Is it possible? Absolutely. They are no secrets in the restaurants. It comes down to food quality and cooking quality. Wood fired food always tastes better.  

We always discourage buying smoking wood and cooking wood from the big box stores. The wood is not fresh. Often the wood is so old that it burns way too quickly. We have many customers coming to us saying they tried some smoking wood from so and so and it didn't turn out well at all.  Just like you want to buy high quality meat, you also much buy high quality cooking firewood. If you want it all to turn out great, do it great from the beginning. Nothing is more disappointing when you've gone to all the work and expense and you realize you've used rotten and lousy cooking wood.  


cooking firewood for sale



When you have some food you will be cooking soon, just glance at our website here to see your options. If you'd like a recommendation then please send us a email on out "Contact Us" page.