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Firewood for sale

If you are looking for firewood for sale year round then we have all you need at Upchurch Firewood and Smoking Wood. There are certain firewood for sale options that are primarily for the winter season that are used for heating. There are other firewood that are referred to as "smoking woods" and there is the loved Pinion wood that can be used year round.

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Pinion wood is referred to as the "smell of Christmas" and has a amazing smell. It can be used in your outdoor fire pit, indoor fireplace and outdoor fireplace. It is a long burning and hard firewood that creates a lot of heat. In the spring and summer, it repels bugs, insects and mosquitoes. We love the smell of the firewood and the bugs hate the smell and get as far away as they can from the pinion wood fire. 

Another firewood that is great in your BBQ smoker is pecan wood. Pecan firewood is a light smelling smoking wood. It is a go to firewood if you are wanting to grill steaks, smoke bbq ribs, grill vegetables and more. If you are going to be cooking a lot of different food items at the same time, pecan wood for sale will do a great job of everything.

If you are looking for a long burning firewood for longer smoking times in your BBQ smoker, then hickory wood may be the best option for you. Hickory wood is known as the King of the Smoking Wood and is best known for its flavor. It creates wonderful flavor for all your cooking wood needs.


firewood for sale