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All of our smoking wood is stored indoors so we can offer you a higher quality. Why is it necessary to be indoors? Every time is rains it breaks down the wood and eventually flavor is lost. In the hot summer weather the sun can over season the smoking wood and also give an invitation to bugs and insects and pests. When we store indoors we don't have the problems other cooking wood companies do. They store their wood outdoor and sell a product that is less than.

smoking wood


Smoking wood and cooking wood has been used for millennia to cook wood. Thousands of years ago it was over a campfire cooking wild game that was caught.  Also, for a long time people have known what types of wood are good smoking wood options. Elm wood for example is nasty when it is burns. Not only does it smell bad but it ruin any food it touches. What people have known for some time is that the trees that grow food also work well to create and cook food. That leaves us with the fruit smoking wood and nut smoking wood. 


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Firewood is often seen as a winter time thing but that is not the case. There are firewood types that can be used year round and especially all the smoking wood and cooking wood types are used all year round. To look strictly at winter firewood types that burn hot there a couple different options:

1.)  One of the hottest burning firewoods happen to grow in Kansas and it is Osage Orange. It is a extremely hot burning and long burning wood. The native american indians used it in bow making. It is a very popular smoking wood in the kansas area.  It also called horse apple and a few other description.

2.)  Another hot burning firewood is persimmon wood. It grows in a few parts of the United States and is also a great smoking wood. Persimmon mostly grows wild but is a very hot burning fireplace firewood and also makes a excellent smoking wood.




One of the year round firewood options is Santa Fe Pinion firewood. It is great in the spring and summer because it repels bugs and mosquitoes. Important: Pinion wood is not a cooking or smoking wood. Since pinion wood is a pine (gymnosperm) it does not do well for cooking.  You can roast marshmallows with pinion wood but nothing further than that in the cooking spectrum.  In the fall and winter, pinion wood is a hot and long burning wood that works great in indoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and chiminea fireplaces.  Pinion firewood has a spectacular aroma and is also referred to as the "smell of Christmas."

If you are looking for a hotter burning firewood then Hickory firewood is a really good option. Hickory has a very hard inner core and can burn longer that other burning firewood. We have sold a lot of hickory wood in the winter months because it has a long and hot burn time in the indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit.

Firewood for Sale


 There are some types of firewood for sale options that are more reserved for the fall and winter months. Oak firewood is a great example of this. It is not the type of firewood you would choose as a outdoor fireplace, fire pit or chiminea wood. Although, if you are using oak firewood for sale as a BBQ smoker wood then it serves great purposes. It can create a hot coal burning fire base in the bottom of your smoker. But, if you'd like a 365 day a year firewood then Pinion wood can be your best choice.  Although it is not a cooking wood or smoking wood we will discuss it below.


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 The reason why Pinion wood is such a wonderful firewood year round is because it is a hot burning and long lasting in your fireplace. It is also the #1 choice wood for outdoor fire pits and chimineas.  If you have a outdoor fireplace of any kind, oak firewood is not a good choice. There is nothing appealing about the smell of oak wood. This is the main goal when burning wood outside that the smell is the #1 thing.  #growokc


firewood for sale


In the summertime, Pinion wood repels bug, insects and mosquitoes. The smell of Santa Fe Pinion wood we all love. But the bugs hate the smell and a soon as they do smell it, they fly far away.  There is another unique option when it comes to winter fireplace firewood and that is Hickory wood. Hickory has a very pleasant smell similar to a BBQ restaurant. Hickory wood is also a very hard wood and can burn for quite some time. Hickory wood is the "King of the Smoking Woods" and it is a favorite smoking wood for your BBQ smoker and grill. Some of our customers have really enjoyed Pecan wood cause it also has a great after smell. Pecan may not be the hottest and longest fireplace firewood but it is a really nice option.

One type of firewood for sale we have had that also burns hot is Texas Mesquite. The most important part of mesquite wood is it does need to be seasoned and aged for at least a year. If the mesquite smoking wood is green and freshly cut then it not only has a bad odor but it will not burn. All of our Mesquite wood that we sell has been aged for over a year and is ready for burning today.

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