Making Reishi Mushroom Tea

Making the Reishi Mushroom tea we sell is a gratifying experience. This is a medicinal mushroom tea that has a earthy taste.  A article from Natural News talks thoroughly about the benefits of the tea at:  Natural News on Reishi Mushrooms

Often people ground the organic reishi mushroom slices in a coffee grinder and throw it in a hot pot of water on the stove. Not in boiling water but hot water and letting it seep for 15 minutes or so. Although we do not diagnose or cure, this is a common treatment for high blood pressure.

Here is a video:

Arctic Freeze hits Oklahoma City - Mushrooms

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Arctic Freeze 2014
We have really been under some snowy conditions here in Oklahoma City.  Today is Tues Feb 4, 2014 and the winter conditions will be increasing this week.  We will be having 3 different arctic conditions blow in.  It sure doesn't slow us down at the wood shop. We are having a high demand for firewood because of this round of cold weather. We also have dried mushrooms for sale, gourmet mushrooms Oklahoma City and medicinal mushrooms for sale.