Maitake Mushrooms on sale

Maitake mushrooms are a great medicinal mushroom that has been used for thousands of years. It is also a very meaty and enjoyable mushroom to eat and has great flavor! I prepare the mushrooms in very hot simmering water for 20 minutes but not boiling water.

mushrooms for sale


Mushrooms for sale

It is summer time and that means a great time for cooking and cooking outside. We have a large variety of mushrooms that seriously compliments all your culinary dishes.  There is something about our mushrooms for sale that can make a burger come alive or vegan dishes have a meaty presence but still remain vegan.  We all are aware of soup stock  and how mushrooms are used as a base and their flavor brings all the food to life.


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mushrooms for sale

 Our mushrooms for sale are of the highest quality. Make sure when you are buying mushrooms of how they are grown and make sure no herbicides or pesticides are used in their growth. Mushrooms soak up what they come into contact with. These should be organic and sustainable methods for the mushrooms to grow properly.

mushrooms for sale

There are many different types of mushrooms for sale but some are not edible. Please don't go mushroom hunting without a certified fungus identifier.  A rule of thumb if picking the wrong mushroom is: "It may be your last bite!"

Mushroom hunting in Oklahoma and nationwide has been seen as a fun activity but it must be done responsibly.  If you are looking for mushrooms for sale, it is much safer to buy from a grower or those that know the exact species to insure safety. People that have survived eating a poisonous mushroom will tell you this and the people that did not survive aren't around to tell you the facts!  Please buy mushrooms for sale responsibly.

mushrooms for sale

Mushrooms for sale Oklahoma City

We will soon be having our Spring and Summer 2015 Gourmet Mushrooms and Medicinal Mushrooms in. We re waiting for growth before we harvest.  A mushroom cook is becoming more popular. Mushrooms Oklahoma City can be grilled or eaten plain. Being a mushroom cook is becoming a valuable part in the culinary world. We also use sustainable and organic practices and never use dangerous chemicals.  So, check back with us very soon and you'll be able to put your order in. Check our mushroom website at:

We will be closer to our harvest date for mushroos Oklahoma City and all the varieties we are growing. Some of the mushroom Oklahoma City options are Oyster mushrooms, GrowOKC mushrooms  reishi mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, white button mushrooms Oklahoma City and more. 

mushroom Oklahoma City


There is some amazing ways to cook with mushrooms in the kitchen. Some people eat them raw or in a tea for the nutritional benefits, but they are highly regarded in cooking.  

mushrooms for sale oklahoma city

Arctic Freeze hits Oklahoma City - Mushrooms

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Arctic Freeze 2014
We have really been under some snowy conditions here in Oklahoma City.  Today is Tues Feb 4, 2014 and the winter conditions will be increasing this week.  We will be having 3 different arctic conditions blow in.  It sure doesn't slow us down at the wood shop. We are having a high demand for firewood because of this round of cold weather. We also have dried mushrooms for sale, gourmet mushrooms Oklahoma City and medicinal mushrooms for sale.