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Pinion wood for sale

Pinion wood for sale Oklahoma City repels bugs and mosquitoes. Our Pinion wood is a great firewood for sale and repels bugs and mosquitoes.

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Growokc Firewood for sale Oklahoma City - Smoking Wood

If you are looking for firewood Oklahoma City, then GrowOKC Smoking Firewood for sale Oklahoma City has been your source for years. We have been the Oklahoma leader of fine smoking woods and cooking wood. We also sell winter firewood for sale in Oklahoma and also sell smoking wood pellets and cooking wood pellets.

firewood for sale oklahoma city

 If you are looking for winter firewood and smoking wood then Oklahoma City firewood for sale at GrowOKC may be your answer. GrowOKC is also a grower of fine gourmet mushrooms and cooking wood pellets and smoking woos pellets. There are various varieties of fine gourmet mushrooms that we grow and they can all be seen on our mushroom pages and you can see what is presently in stock. Growing mushrooms is a very technical job where there are many steps in the process to go to mycelium growth to full mushroom growth. Smoking wood pellets can actually make your cooking much easier because you don't have to bring home or have us ship many pounds of firewood. You can use the smoking wood pellets at a 1/3 cup at a time in your gas grill too. Just place the pellets wrapped in aluminum foil and make sure they touch the flame so the wood pellets catch fire. You will want to soak the pellets first in water for about 15 minutes. Some chefs use water and some chefs use fruit juice like apple fruit juice to bring a sweetness to the smoking wood pellets.

Repel bugs and mosquitoes with Pinion wood - firewood for sale Oklahoma City

We have had heavy rainfall this Spring in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma especially in the Midwest. At the front of our minds is what to do about our summer mosquito problem. Some medical professionals say that it is the blood type of people that the mosquitoes go after. Either you are going to be bitten while you are outside or the bugs and mosquitoes aren't going to be bothering you.  One smell that mosquitoes really hate is the smell of pinion wood which is known as the smell of Christmas.

pinion wood for sale

Our pinion wood for sale comes from the mountains of New Mexico and is a great smelling pinion firewood for your chiminea and outdoor fire pits. Often we have pinion wood and other smoking wood and firewood for sale in Oklahoma City and outer areas. Pinion wood is also great in your winter fireplace and it has a high BTU rating for heating uses. There are other types of firewood for sale Oklahoma City that are fine to use as winter heating but it is better to go with a firewood that smells great. If you have any wood left over from the winter, then you have firewood already for your summer fire pit, chiminea and fireplace.

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pinion wood


Our of our most popular firewood for sale options is our Santa Fe Pinion wood. It is the one firewood that works all year round. Although it is not a cooking wood or smoking wood, it works for all other purposes. It is part of the gymnosperm family and is native to the forests of the Southwest United States. 

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Pinion wood

Pinion wood (also spelled Pinyon wood, Pinon wood) is a great firewood for sale for your chiminea or outdoor fireplace. The is a unique firewood that originates in the southwest United States and is used a wonderful wood for smell. Most people know the smell in the air when they are in the Santa Fe area, but one reason it smells so well is because of the pinion wood being burned in fireplaces and stoves in the area.

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The nice thing about pinion wood for sale is that it is a long burning pine firewood. How long? Well, that can't be configured but compared to Ponderosa Pine, pinyon wood burns much longer. There is one type of pinion wood and it comes from the New Mexico mountains. In New Mexico firewood for sale, citizens heat their iron stove with pinion wood because there is so much of it growing there.  Another type of firewood is Ponderosa Pine firewood for sale and it grows heavier in Colorado. Ponderosa Pine is a very famous wood used exclusively in Colorado in the winters is a good wood. But, not as a hot burning as people would want. Pinion is a firewood for sale  that is long burning that has a amazing smell. It is the prime chiminea wood and is the main firewood used in this fashion.

pinion wood

 Our pinion firewood has been stored indoors so it does not have rot and is not in bad condition. Also if someone ships you wood that has recently been rained on it will weigh more and you will get less wood. Pinion wood is not a smoking wood for food because it is from the gymnosperm family. This is the pine family and is horrible for cooking wood because of all the sap in pine wood.

pinion wood


If you are looking for chiminea wood that are various options. Although pinion wood is the most famous firewood there are a couple others that people use. One is Shaggy Bark Juniper and another is Alligator juniper. Since Ponderosa Pine is so plentiful in states like Colorado, sometimes people use that in their chimineas, too. But, for the most part people stick with pinion wood because the purpose of it is as the number one chiminea wood.

Another plus about Pinion wood, is it burns long because the pinion tree is a dense strong tree. It is a much stronger firewood than Colorado's Ponderosa Pine firewood.  Pinion wood is also stronger than than pecan firewood, apricot firewood and apple wood. When you oder your Santa Fe pinion wood order, you will get a nicely prepared packaged and properly seasoned pinion wood.

Shipping Firewood for sale

If you are looking for firewood for sale that can be shipped straight to your doorstep, then Upchurch Cooking Firewood and smoking wood is going to be your best option.


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We have the only indoor firewood facility in the nation so this does insure your firewood is dry and ready to be shipped. If firewood is left outside, rain and precipitation is absorbed into the firewood making it weigh more. This means you will get less wood if it is left out in the elements.  We also use organic bug control to insure you a much cleaner wood and it's 100% safe for your family and cooking. You don't want to end up with firewood shipped from other companies that has bugs. No one likes bugs! But, if firewood for sale is left outside this will happen.


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 One of our popular firewood shipping options is our Smoking woods. All our woods will do an excellent job in your BBQ smoker and grill. A easy way for you to get excellent results is to try our Smoking wood pellets. We have a very wide selection of all types of smoking wood pellets. We have all the fruit and nut wood in pellets and there is no fillers and additives in our Pellets. You will receive 100% wood and it isn't splice with oak wood like other companies do so they don't have to give you the 100%.  When it comes to your cooking pellets, you want the real thing. Don't buy pellets that are spliced with Oak wood. 


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Another option you may like is our Eco Friendly firewood bricks. This is a simple way for you to have a fire and be environmentally sound in your choices.  Our bricks are made of compressed sawduct and came from sustainable sources. You can use the Eco Firewood bricks in a campfire, outdoor fireplace, indoor fireplace and chiminea. It also does well as a firewood starter if you don't have kindling. Consider using one of our eco firewood bricks to get your fire started in your indoor winter fireplace.

Pinion fireplace firewood


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This winter we are making available our Santa Fe Pinion wood for all fireplaces. This is a great choice because it is a hot burning and long lasting firewood for your indoor fireplace. It also is the prime firewood for your outdoor firepit and chiminea. Pinion wood is a national favorite because of its great aromatic smell and is referred to as the "smell of Christmas."



Our pinion wood grows at the high elevations of the New Mexico Mountains. The nice thing about buying this wood species is if you have firewood left over from the winter season, it is very wonderful for the spring and summer too. This is a 365 day a year firewood and this is a unique feature.