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Cooking wood and Smoking wood pellets

4th of July is coming up and we have a great selection of smoking wood pellets and cooking wood pellets.  They are easy to use and they pack a great punch when it comes to flavoring your meats, chicken, pork and grilled vegetables. Most people also enjoy grilling fruit like vegetables.  Try our smoking wood pellets today!
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Smoking wood pellets

Smoking wood pellets are a great addition to all your cooking foods and smoking meats and more. They are easy to work with and easy to use.

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The directions for using smoking wood pellets are to soak them in water for 15 minutes. Some chefs also soak their pellets in certain fruit juices like apple and pineapple juice. Use apple for the most of your cooking but use pineapple for grilling and smoking chicken only.

smoking wood pellets

Smoking wood pellets come in many different flavors for all kinds of cooking applications. We also have our exotic and exclusive smoking wood pellet combinations. One unique combination we have is Hickory smoking wood pellets mixed with Pecan smoking wood pellets. There are no ADDITIVES and FILLERS in our fine smoking wood pellets. This is a great combination if you are smoking pork ribs, burgers and boston pork butts, The pecan smoking wood helps the meat fall off the bone and the hickory gives it that amazing flavor that is well known in the BBQ restaurant business.

smoking wood pellets

 Another unique creation of smoking wood pellets is to combine our Alder smoking wood pellets with our Pecan smoking wood. This is a 50/50 wood pellet mix and it is wonderful for seafood, lobster, fish and all things from the seas. Our alder smoking wood pellets are 100% alder from Alaska and has NO FILLERS or ADDITIVES. The Pecan smoking wood pellets are a great touch for all things surf and turf.  Pecan will keep your light meats with a flavor that is not overbearing at all.

Another quite unique smoking wood pellet mix we created is Cabernet Wine Soaked Pellets mixed with Cherry smoking wood pellets. This is such a nice blend that it is going to go well with all of your food choices. The wine soaked pellets are actually soaked in Cabernet wine, they are not painted on. 

smoking wood pellets


We will be bring out new smoking wood pellet combinations, so be on the look out to see what is next.