The best wood for Smoking

When you choose a great smoking wood it is best to look for the correct wood to use with what you are going to be cooking.  There are various best wood for smoking options that may work well with one type of smoked food and a cooking wood that won't work well. So, first let's take a look at grilling and smoking fish.

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Fish is delicate so it is important to not use a smoking wood that is overbearing. The types of smoking wood that is not recommended for grilling fish is smoking woods like hickory wood and mesquite wood. For example, mesquite wood is so powerful it will overtake the flavor of the fish. It may be so intense that it may not be edible. Mesquite wood is a favored smoking wood in Texas and is used on nearly everything but fish. Hickory wood is another that is going to be too overbearing for grilling fish.  The types of smoking wood that should be considered are woods like Pecan smoking wood. Pecan wood is a great choice for fish because it is a light cooking wood and it will let the natural flavors of the fish come through.

Smoking wood combinations are another great way to cook well. Having two woods at the same time can increase and compliment your cooking. One great combination is mixing hickory wood with pecan wood. On some occasions it is advised to use 50% / 50% ratio and on some times it works best by changing that. Let's take smoking pork for example. I would not use such a high percentage of hickory wood because pork can be fairly delicate and too much hickory wood would really overdo it.  Pork like boston butt would call for a ratio of 25% hickory wood and 75% pecan wood.

Best wood for smoking

When you are looking for the best wood for smoking you need to consider what you will be cooking. Something to consider when picking out a smoking wood is if you are cooking meat only or also including vegetables and other meats or maybe a few chicken wings. With a variety of foods you need to use one amazing smoking wood and cooking wood or you'll need to use various smoking woods at different times of your cooking and smoking session.

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If you only want to focus on using the best wood for smoking  then a really good choice may be pecan smoking wood. Pecan wood is unique because it is not a overbearing and it is light. It's going to bring out the amazing flavors instead of giving the food overwhelming flavor. So you can grill vegetables to smoking BBQ pork ribs all at the same time and pecan smoking wood for sale will do a wonderful job with it. Another one wood option happens to be Persimmon cooking wood. Persimmon smoking wood is a very unique fruit smoking wood that makes it special. Persimmon wood actually is really nice with pork and it's better than apple wood. A famous best wood for smoking for the BBQ industry is hickory wood. Hickory smoking wood has a very interesting smell and gives a authentic flavor for all your meats. It's not just pork ribs that are used with hickory wood. Everything can be used with hickory cooking wood and one really great way is to use hickory wood for grilling burgers.  Anything that is on the grill for a very short time like fajitas can greatly be helped by using a smoking wood like hickory.  Mesquite wood is actually in the same situation.  Another interesting best wood for smoking that some chefs use is oak smoking wood. Oak firewood is also known as a swell heating firewood for the winter months. Oak smoking wood is also a good base firewood if you are going to be smoking for a long time. Using Oak wood as a base instead of charcoal. To do this, start a fire in your bbq smoker some Oak firewood and let it burns for awhile. When it burns down and the firewood for sale coals are red hot, then you can start placing your fruit smoking wood chunks on top the red coals. If you want your firewood chunks to smoke even more then soak them in water for 30 minutes before putting them on top of the red coals from the oak smoking wood coal base.

Smoking Wood

Smoking wood for sale is a very important part of cooking. Whether you are going to be smoking bbq ribs, chicken or even grilling a few vegetables, it is very important you choose the right smoking wood for your application.  Are you a vegan?  Then don't be discouraged - this is not just about smoking meats and pork. All your vegan dishes can be greatly enhanced over wood fired cooking.

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In our opinion that are definitely some different smoking woods for sale that work better than others in certain cooking. In your BBQ smoker, if you are smoking some nice pork ribs, you may really like the 50% hickory smoking wood with the 50% pecan smoking wood. The hickory wood gives you that nice authentic flavor and the pecan smoking wood helps the meat fall off the bone. If we were to choose one smoking wood that exceeded all the others it would be pecan smoking wood. It is a light nut wood and seriously brings out all the flavoring in your cooked and smoked food. Pecan wood is not overbearing like smoking woods like mesquite. Mesquite smoking wood has ability to completely overpower and dominate foods to where it is so intense we have had to throw away the meat we used with mesquite. If you re looking forward to smoking some great meats, be very careful with the mesquite smoking wood.


smoking wood


There are many smoking wood options you can choose when it comes to finding a great cooking wood for your tastes.  One of the most popular nation smoking wood favorites is Hickory smoking wood. Hickory smoking wood can be used in various different cooking ways. It's a great smoking wood for sale when it comes to pork bbq ribs. Hickory smoking wood for sale is also great for brisket.  There are some part of the United States that do not have hickory trees growing nearby and hickory smoking wood seems to be more popular in those areas. Another great smoking wood is Pecan smoking wood for sale. Pecan smoking wood also goes well with hickory wood if smoking and grilling ribs are your prime cooking choice. Pecan wood tends to tenderize the meat more than hickory wood does but when you combine the two cooking woods you create a powerful smoking wood combination.  Another way to use smoking wood is by using cooking wood pellets. Smoking wood pellets come in many different cooking flavors like pecan, hickory wood, mesquite wood, maple wood, alder wood and more. To check our inventory click here:  Smoking wood  Another way to enjoy cooking woods and smoking woods for sale is to use wood chips. 

Smoking Wood for sale

 Smoking wood for sale is the specialty at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Cooking Supply. We have a very wide selection of cooking wood for sale and smoking wood for sale. Firstly, is to decide what it is you are going to be cooking and smoking. If you are going to be cooking a lot of different meats and foods then one of the best smoking wood for sale is pecan smoking wood. It is not overbearing and will cook a wide selection of food well.

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If you are needing a smoking wood for sale for a particular meat then there are various options to pair your smoking wood for sale with the correct smoking wood.  If you are wanting to have moist meat where it comes close to falling off the bone, then pecan smoking wood for sale is a good option. If you are wanting that BBQ flavoring then hickory smoking wood for sale is the best option. If you are going to be cokoing and smoking a lot of different foods at the same time then use a fruit smoking wood because it will be light and to overbear your meats and vegetables.

smoking wood for sale 

Smoking Wood

Smoking wood is our specialty here at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Firewood. We have one of the largest selection in the nation because of the wide range of cooking wood and smoking wood we have available. One of our best smoking wood options lately has been the Hickory wood mix with Pecan wood. It goes well with all kinds of meats including pork ribs, chicken, pork, deer meat and more.

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When you are using smoking wood for sale there are various applications you need to consider. You need to know the type of smoking wood you need to have paired with your meat and vegetables being cooked.  One smoking wood that should seldom be used is Mesquite wood for sale. It can easily overpower your meat and ruin it. Mesquite is good in small doses especially meat that is on the grill for a short time. Burgers and fajitas are good examples for proper times to use mesquite smoking wood. We do not recommend using mesquite smoking wood with long smokes in your BBQ smoker. If you are looking for a great smoking wood to be used for long smoking periods, pecan smoking wood is a great choice. The other fruit woods are also a really good choice like apricot smoking wood, persimmon smoking wood or pear smoking wood. Long smoking periods are not the time for hickory smoking wood and definitely not mesquite smoking wood.

Best Smoking Wood for beef, seafood, pork and chicken

The best smoking wood options in America have quite a selection to pick from. It depends what you are looking for in your cooking and it also matters where these certain firewood for sale options are. Most best smoking woods you will have to ship in to be able to have them for use in your BBQ smoker. Here is the midwest we have a large smoking wood palette to work from.  

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Hickory wood with Pecan wood - Let's say you are ready to smoke some great BBQ pork ribs and you are looking for a dynamite best smoking wood to use. In years of experience, there is a mix that really compliments each of the smoking woods. This mix I always use is 75% Pecan smoking wood and 25% hickory smoking wood. The pecan smoking wood is what will help the meat fall off the bone and really keep it pretty tender. There are some various cooking times where you may want to use pecan smoking wood only. Wood fired pizza is one of those times and grilling vegetables. Pecan smoking wood is one of the best smoking woods around because if you were going to be cooking a little bit of everything then pecan wood is what you would choose. Pecan smoking wood also comes into play while cooking seafood. This can include fish, lobster, mussels and more. If you are looking for a light smoking wood that won't overbear the food cooking or smoking then Pecan wood is the ideal smoking wood. 

best smoking wood


When you had the hickory best smoking wood with the pecan smoking wood it does several things. Hickory smoking wood is known as the King of the Smoking Woods. It is used nationwide in the BBQ industry. It has such a authenitc flavor but there are some cutbacks with hickory smoking wood. One is if it is used too much in your smoking wood recipe it can easily dry out meats. I would rarely use 100% hickory smoking wood. You'll get meats packed flavor but it's not going to come out tender. Hickory as the best smoking wood may pack you authentic flavor but its no good when the meats or bbq ribs come out dry. That's why mixing another wood along with it can turn it into a fabulous smoking wood recipe. Consider the 100% fruit smoking woods because they will bring some delicate smoke along with it.  In the past we've used persimmon smoking wood, apricot smoking wood, apple smoking wood, pear smoking wood and also we have a vast collection of the best smoking wood pellets that give you an even further smoking wood pellets. To see our smoking wood wood pellets CLICK HERE .

Here is some more fine smoking wood combinations: 

Are you interested in grilling some seafood and fish? We are the national leader of helping you pair a great and best smoking wood for this to raise the bar on your smoking and cooking. Of the best smoking wood options that can serve well as your smoker box base wood is going to be Pecan wood and this is only your base and then you are going to want to use another fruit wood to lighten things up. This is not the time to add another nut firewood for sale. Do not use hickory smoking wood or definitely a very strong smoking wood like mesquite wood. Using a best smoking wood like mesquite wood can demolish your fine meats like fish, seafood and more. For all types of light meats like fish you will go with pecan as the best smoking wood and your base and then add another fruit wood on top. Choose either persimmon smoking wood, or apricot wood, apple wood smoking wood pellets, or maybe a harder to find smoking wood like Pear wood.

best smoking wood


Some other best smoking wood options for your best BBQ smoker and grill:

Since earlier we mentioned a definitely no to mesquite smoking wood we would like to provide some great times that mesquite smoking wood moments that would do great.  Our Texas mesquite does excellent in times where what you are cooking and smoking that is not on the grill for a long amount of time. Steaks can be fabulous. Mesquite flavored steaks are very popular because the T-Bone steak for example will be on your grill or bbq smoker for a short amount of time. The robust aroma of mesquite smoking wood is great for this. To order some mesquite wood CLICK HERE .  Another robust smoking wood that is a another best smoking wood would be Hickory wood for sale and you can CLICK HERE to get a better look at your options.

Let's take closer look at some of the best smoking wood options like the dynamic fruit woods. We have had a lot of customers having excellent results with Persimmon smoking wood as one of the best smoking wood options. It is hot burning firewood with a high BTU so it can work well as your bbq coal base in your smoker or grill.  Persimmon wood actually works great in your fireplace as a high heat in your home. But, it really serves as a great and best smoking wood in your smoker and grill because it has so much unique features. We have used persimmon smoking wood from everything as grilled deep steaks to pork ribs, beef, seafood and fish. It really serves a use of the one go to fruit wood that is not going to overbear any of your foods used in your grill, smoker and gas grill.

A great way to give you smoke smoking wood combinations is to consider our exotic smoking wood pellets combinations.  We have alder wood mixed with pecan, hickory wood mixed with pecan wood pellets, cherry wood with cabernet wine soaked oak pellets, apple smoking wood pellets mixed with pecan smoking wood pellets and peach smoking wood mixed with cherry smoking wood. Of these best smoking wood combinations, look to the fruit wood pellets for your extra long smoker smokes like smoking brisket. Especially when smoking brisket, you don't want to choose the harsh nut smoking woods because they will overpower your brisket. So, for brisket look at smoking wood pellets combinations like apple wood mixed with cherry wood. Another of the best smoking wood pellets would be the wine soaked wine oak wood mixed with cherry wood. Oak is a great smoking wood because it is a base wood that won't overpower and that's when the cherry wood comes in to give some amazing flavor.

best smoking wood





Smoking wood pellets

Smoking wood pellets are a great addition to all your cooking foods and smoking meats and more. They are easy to work with and easy to use.

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The directions for using smoking wood pellets are to soak them in water for 15 minutes. Some chefs also soak their pellets in certain fruit juices like apple and pineapple juice. Use apple for the most of your cooking but use pineapple for grilling and smoking chicken only.

smoking wood pellets

Smoking wood pellets come in many different flavors for all kinds of cooking applications. We also have our exotic and exclusive smoking wood pellet combinations. One unique combination we have is Hickory smoking wood pellets mixed with Pecan smoking wood pellets. There are no ADDITIVES and FILLERS in our fine smoking wood pellets. This is a great combination if you are smoking pork ribs, burgers and boston pork butts, The pecan smoking wood helps the meat fall off the bone and the hickory gives it that amazing flavor that is well known in the BBQ restaurant business.

smoking wood pellets

 Another unique creation of smoking wood pellets is to combine our Alder smoking wood pellets with our Pecan smoking wood. This is a 50/50 wood pellet mix and it is wonderful for seafood, lobster, fish and all things from the seas. Our alder smoking wood pellets are 100% alder from Alaska and has NO FILLERS or ADDITIVES. The Pecan smoking wood pellets are a great touch for all things surf and turf.  Pecan will keep your light meats with a flavor that is not overbearing at all.

Another quite unique smoking wood pellet mix we created is Cabernet Wine Soaked Pellets mixed with Cherry smoking wood pellets. This is such a nice blend that it is going to go well with all of your food choices. The wine soaked pellets are actually soaked in Cabernet wine, they are not painted on. 

smoking wood pellets


We will be bring out new smoking wood pellet combinations, so be on the look out to see what is next.