Alder wood and Pecan smoking wood Pellet mix

Grilling and Smoking Seafood and fish with our Pellet Combo of Alder and Pecan smoking wood pellets.

This is one of our exclusive wood pellet mixes. It is 100% Alder wood pellets from Alaska mixed with 100% Pecan pellets. 

smoking wood pellets


This is a 50/50 mix (NO FILLERS or ADDITIVES) of some of the best smoking wood pellets on the market for cooking fish and light meats. They are 100% cooking wood. These pellets will go amazing with all types of fish like Salmon, Cod, Tilapia and exotic seafood. This pellet mix will not overpower your fine seafood. It will bring out all the natural flavors!

smoking wood pellets

 Alder wood and Pecan smoking wood Pellet mix is a great way to add smoking wood pellets flavor to all your cooking from #growokc  The easiest way to use these wood pellets is to start out with charcoal in your grill or bbq smoker. When it gets hot then add the smokig wood pellets that you soaked in water so it will begin to bring the amazing smoke to flavor your food great. These alder wood pellets and pecan wood pellets are also great for smoking meat, pork and grilling vegetables. This special wood pellet mix is delicate for any type of cooking and doesn't bring a harsh scent to your foods so it will compliment your food dish instead of overpower it with too much wood pellet smell. 

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