Apple wood pellets

Our apple wood smoking pellets are 100% fruit wood (no fillers) and are one of the best smoking wood and cooking wood for all your meat, grilling vegetables, seafood and more. Apple smoking wood for sale is a favorite in the cooking industry! These wood pellets for sale are sold by the pound at Growokc Cooking.

smoking wood pellets

These apple BBQ wood pellets can be used to smoke just about anything. Apple pellet wood offers you the best smoking wood with a sweet and delicate flavor. #growokc particularly likes using apple wood for smoking and cooking chicken and pork. This apple wood for sale also gives your meats a nice fresh color if you are a chef or cooking for a dinner party looking for great presentation. Using our apple best smoking wood pellets are easy to use. Use a 1/3 cup or more if you'd like and wrap it in aluminum foil. Poke holes in your aluminum foil and place it on the flames. You will begin see the pellets smoke and this is what will flavor your meats, vegetables, seafood and more.

smoking wood pellets

 Another technique some chefs and backyard enthusiasts do is to soak the apple pellets in water for a short time before putting them in your wrapped aluminum foil or smoking tray. This allows the best smoking wood pellets to not burn quite as quickly and to create some smoke into your smoking chamber and into your grilling area. This is an optional practice but it is not necessary. Apple has a reputation as being the best smoking wood in the nation but I differ to that. There are other native Oklahoma fruit trees that I enjoy using more than apple smoking wood. I would encourage you to try a few other smoking woods first like Pecan wood and Persimmon wood. These smoking woods are known to have a sweeter sap line running down the core of the smoking wood for sale.  What ever your choice for the best smoking wood you may choose for your smoker, pizza oven or other cooking firebox, Growokc Cooking has what you are looking for! Apple smoking wood pellets will be a great addition to all your cooking of the finest meats, grilled vegetables, seafood and more!


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

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