Cherry smoking wood pellets

Our 100% (no fillers) Cherry smoking wood pellets are 100% fruit wood and are a great smoke for your meat, grilled vegetables, seafood and more. Cherry smoking wood and cooking wood is a favorite in the cooking industry! These wood pellets are sold by the pound.
These cherry BBQ smoking wood pellets can be used to smoke and cook just about anything. Cherry pelleted wood offers you the best sweet flavor smoke. The Growokc particularly likes using cherry wood for smoking and grilling chicken. Our cherry wood for sale also gives your meats a nice dark color if you are a chef or cooking for a dinner party looking for great presentation.
Good directions for use are to put 1/3 cup of wood pellets wrapped in aluminum foil with holes poked into it. This allows the sweet cherry smoke to fill either your BBQ smoker or your gas grill. You don't need to replace your gas grill if you are really wanting a true BBQ smoker. The gas grill supplies the heat and the cherry pellets provide the sweet smoke.


best wood for smoking


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

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