Mesquite smoking wood pellets

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Mesquite wood pellets are 100% NO FILLER OR ADDITIVES nut wood and are from Northern Texas and a great smoking wood for ham, fish, burgers, fajitas and more. Mesquite smoking wood and cooking wood is a favorite in the competition bbq industry! These mesquite wood pellets are sold by the pound at Growokc.
These mesquite BBQ smoking wood pellets can be used to smoke just about anything. Mesquite pellet wood for sale offers you the best smoking wood for a sweet flavor smoke. #growokc particularly like using mesquite smoking wood for burgers and fajitas. Mesquite wood for sale also gives your meats a nice dark color if you are a chef or cooking for a dinner party looking for great wood grilled presentation.

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Directions for properly using these Mesquite wood pellets is to try our 1 lb option in our online store. You will need to use a 1/3 of a cup and you can simply wrap them in aluminum foil and poke some holes in the foil so the sweet smoking wood smoke can escape into your cooking and smoking chamber.  Another option is using a smoking tray and they are often made with cast iron or aluminum. If you'd like you can mix some other types of wood pellets to create a unique smoking wood aroma. At Growokc Cooking we have experimented with these pellets and we love them. They are 100% mesquite wood and they are a nice option if you have a gas grill. There is no need for you to go out and buy a old fashioned BBQ smoker because of these great smoking pellets. Fruit wood pellets also are nice because we package them in 1 lb increments so you don't have to invest much to see if this is the smoking wood recipe for you. Most of our customers really like to experiment with several different types of smoking wood pellets so they can get the precise needs for their cooking.


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Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We keep your wood out of natures elements

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