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 Our Authentic Santa Fe Pinion wood chunks are stored INDOORS for highest quality!

GrowOKC Pinion wood and  Firewood has shipping nationwide for all pinion wood for sale orders. We specialize in bring you the highest quality of authentic New Mexico pinion firewood. Our New Mexico Santa Fe Pinion wood for sale is a highly sought our firewood for sale in the nation. There is a love of pinion wood for sale and what makes this happen is the heavenly aroma that the firewood provides. 


 Some of the most enjoyable times of your day is to sit next to your chiminea in the evenings and smell the aroma from the New Mexico Mountains.  The Pinon pine tree is a slow growing tree in the Southwest United States. It grows in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and parts of Utah. The places with the higher elevations is where the pinion wood for sale is commonly found. Some unique pinion wood for sale options we have is to mix the Santa Fe Pinion wood with some of our really high quality fruit woods we have available in our Cross Timbers region of the United States. One of our recent best sellers has been our Hickory Pinion. We have available Hickory trees in our area and it is a famous aromatic smoking wood for sale. Hickory wood is used often in operations at BBQ restaurants around the United States. It is a fairly hot burning smoking wood and really provides a very interesting aroma that really goes nicely with the Pinion wood for sale that we have on this cooking firewood website.

Another pinion wood for sale option that customers enjoy is our Pecan Pinion. Pecan wood for sale is famous aromatic wood here in the Midwest and we bring our wood in from the pecan orchards of the Cross Timbers Region.  Pecan wood for sale is a light and nutty wood that has a very pleasant aroma. When we mix our Southern Pecan wood with the Santa Fe Pinion is is just a great combination!

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 One of our most unique pinion wood for sale blends happens to be Persimmon Pinion wood for sale. Persimmon wood is a very unique wood that has a really cool smell and is used primarily in cooking and smoking meats. It is filled with sweet sap and when your fire hits this sap it brings out a very nice smell. When we mix this unique persimmon wood with the pinion wood for sale it is a great combination and it is one of our favorites here at the Growokc pinion wood and  Cooking Firewood wood shop. When we light our chiminea this is the pinion wood for sale blend we use or the Hickory Pinion and there are days where it is a Pecan Pinion day. We really love all the pinion wood for sale blends and we are the only firewood for sale company that is doing this type of rare thing with firewood. A nice part of Pinion wood for sale is how it can be used in different parts of the year. It is a 365 day a year aromatic firewood and we enjoy it all year round. In the winter time it is known as the "smell of Christmas" because of its wonderful holiday scent. If you are going to be entertaining over the holidays you don't want to burn just normal wood like Oak firewood for sale. Oak may be fine for heating but it has a smell that is not favorable at all. Some fireplace wood does end up seeping into your home and it will be best if that smell is pinion wood for sale for smell and it is coming straight from the New Mexico Mountains. Whether you live in Chicago or Miami, Florida we can ship you our highest quality pinion wood for sale.

Pinion wood for sale
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