Eco-Environmental Firewood or Campfire Bricks



Each 6 pack of bricks weigh 20 lbs

These bricks are stored in our indoor firewood facility. Other companies store them outside and the rain, snow and moisture causes them to weigh more and cost you more. We never ship you wet wood.

Eco-Brick firewood bricks are pressed sawdust fireplace fuel. This environmentally friendly firewood is an effective alternative to other fuels like coal and oil. These kiln dried firewood Eco Bricks are made from environmental safe sawdust and are considered CO2 neutral. As a matter of fact, Eco Bricks produce 52% less particulate matter to the atmosphere than your typical cord wood of regular firewood
Eco-bricks are twice the density of cord wood firewood, the same energy density as coal and burns much longer.


These "green" enviro friendly firewood bricks are great for your indoor fireplace, camping trip, chiminea and firepit.

eco bricks

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