bbq wood - Smoking wood

For all things Bbq, buy bbq wood and sauces at Growokc!  We also have a wide selection of marinades, bbq sauces, smoking wood pellets and wood chips.  Some of the firewood for sale we have is hickory wood, pecan wood, apple wood, apricot wood, oak wood for sale, persimmon wood and Santa Fe pinion wood for sale.

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When it comes to picking out the best smoking wood for your #bbq smoker, it's good to ask what may be the best wood type for your cooking. Smoking pork does well with pecan wood, hickory wood and other fruit woods. Sometimes for a longer smoke like a brisket, chefs like to use hickory wood but if you'd like to be tender then pecan smoking wood is a great choice. When you are grilling or smoking fish, our alaskan alder wood is excellent.  You can use alder wood for other meats, but it is well known for cooking fish.  Even grilling burgers can be greatly enhanced with hickory wood. In this event you can you slats of hickory wood or use wood chips or wood pellets. Make sure to soak the wood chips and wood pellets in water for 15 minutes before using them. This will greatly enhance the hickory smoke that you want.  To look at all our smoking wood for sale options, click here.