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Sauces are a important part of cooking steaks and more. We do a strict analysis of BBQ sauce and steak sauces before we put them on our site. We also carry rubs, imported sea salts, steak sauce and more. Check our excellent selection of award winning bbq sauces here online.
There are different types of bbq sauces. My personal favorite is a vinegar based "Carolina" barbecue sauce which is famous in the deep south. Some of the bbq ingredients vary widely especially in different parts of the world. Most will include tomato base and liquid smoke that is often avaliable separately at your local grocer or meat market. BBQ sweeteners include molasses and sugar. Stay away from artificial sugars in your bbq sauces. Check our inventory of bbq sauces and fit the right taste for you!

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 If you have a favorite type of sauce you would like us to bring to your door step, let us know. We have distributors of the finest sauces in the nation and we just may be able to locate the exact sauce for flavoring your meats, seafood, pork, chicken, burgers and more.  I personally have located my favorite seasoning for mexican beef ribs and once I found the correct combination, I am very pleased. Another important part of getting your food ready for your grill happens to be marinades. There is such a wide selection of marinades but you want to find one that brings out the flavor of your food and not to overpower your food. If you are using a marinade for sale that overpowers, then you are going to be having a marinade dinner instead of a wonderful smoked and cooked dinner.

When it comes to specialty salts, these want to be used minimally. If you are able to buy some really great salts from our online store, you are not going to need to use very much. We only sell the highest quality of salt and BBQ rubs. The salt and rubs from your local grocery store are usually not the highest of quality. If you are going to invest in fine foods and spend the time in cooking these delicate foods, don't waste time with the cheaper salts and rubs. You want your end product of your sauces for sale that you buy, salts and rubs and marinades to be the best. Check our online store and let Upchurch Cooking Firewood send you the best to your door step! #growokc