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I often discuss with my customers what the best smoking wood might be. When they come into my wood shop in Oklahoma City, they discuss with me what they are smoking and it's my job to pair up the best smoking wood available. There are many recipes but I know the best smoking wood for their cooking. That is what a degree from Oklahoma State University Agriculture and a arborist gives you the ability to do.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

Ribs: I have found in personal experience and customer reviews that a really good smoking wood recipe for pork ribs is to combine Pecan wood and Hickory wood.  The Pecan wood helps the rib meat fall off the bone and the hickory wood gives it that unique flavor we all love for the best smoking wood combination.  Another great wood combination recipe is to pair Walnut wood with Pecan wood. I have a mix of 50% Walnut wood and 50% Pecan wood. Pecan wood is available at: Click here My customers have given me rave reviews on this Walnut and Pecan wood for sale combination. Please contact us for your certain cooking and we will professionally tell you the bet smoking wood and cooking wood for your culinary dishes. Don't limit youself to regular smoking wood. Smoking wood pellets have much more versatility in your cooking!

best smoking wood

 Chicken:  Smoking chicken needs a light fruit and nut firewood to create the best smoking wood. I have personally used Apricot wood and it turned out well. Don't count out Pecan wood and hickory smoking wood because it will create that light and nutty flavor to the smoked chicken. I have also used Pear wood and even Mesquite wood if I am looking for some intense flavor from the mesquite wood. Check our inventory on our smoking wood for sale. Here is our current inventory of smoking wood:  Click here for smoking wood

Steaks:  Grilling steaks is one of my favorites and I have some definite best smoking wood combinations. i personally grill a lot of deer steaks. I also have personally used Hickory wood as the best smoking wood and I was very satisfied with the smoked steak outcome. Since the steak doesn't need to be on the grill very long, I also love Mesquite wood for steaks. Mesquite is a hot burning smoking wood for sale with a great and intense flavor. A overall great option for steaks is some fine pecan wood for sale! Pecan helps the meat fall of the bone if that is the feature you are looking for. For venison and deer meat go with pecan wood or hickory wood.

Pork:  I have been smoking a lot of pork butts on Pecan wood and all other fruit smoking wood are the best smoking woods for pork. Pecan firewood will also give a great outcome if used Hickory wood, Mesquite smoking wood at lower temperatures when your firebox coals burn down and also Pear firewood for sale. Check our inventory at:  Pork wood for sale

best smoking wood

Vegetables:  I love to grill vegetables and often use Hickory wood as the best smoking wood for vegetables. I never count out the pecan wood, walnut wood and mesquite wood when I am looking for some intense flavor! Click here for: Great cooking wood 
Seafood:  When smoking seafood, I pair it with a lighter fruit and nut firewood for sale. A rule of thumb is to not choose Mesquite firewood. This will overpower your seafood. With seafood, I look for the best smoking woods like pecan wood, apricot wood, maple wood and combination of these woods.  It is popular to use a combination because it brings the both of two best smoking woods and their superior flavors. Seafood pellets Click here.
Small Game birds:  Some birds like Pheasant, can bring a "gamey" taste to them if you were to just cook them in a frying pan. I would NOT recommend cooking them in a pan on a natural gas stove. This will do your prized bird a great disservice. Small game birds need to be cooked with real wood to bring out their true flavors. To take out the game taste, rubbing some fresh local and sustainable honey on them can sure help and the sugars can knock out the unfavorable tastes. For one of the best smoking woods, hickory wood can create a beautiful taste!  Pecan wood for sale would help bring a moist and "fall of the bone" presentation. Click here on how to cook Game birds.

best smoking wood

 Venison - Deer Meat:  Venison is my favorite meat to eat during deer hunting season. I've cooked up a variety of ways and lately have been using Apricot wood as the best smoking wood because I've had a lot of it on hand lately.  I have also used Pecan wood and Hickory wood with fabulous best smoking wood results.  A word of caution if you are grilling backstrap - DON'T leave it on the grill to long cause it will really toughen up the meat. If you like medium rare backstrap then this is the slice of venison for you. If you don't like medium rare then you might want to try another part of the deer for eating like the deer steaks you get from your deer meat processor.

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best smoking wood


When you choose the best smoking wood, consider your dish you are preparing and the outcome you'd like. Grilling vegetables on the grill can also be an amazing experience. There are many customers that really enjoy our pecan wood and hickory wood for smoking and cooking in the bbq smoker.  Deciding on the temperature you'd like to keep your smoker is a good factor to think of. I like mine around 250 degrees and then I can let it smoke more than usual. If you are going to keep your grill and smoker above 350, everything is going to cook quicker and will cut down on the "smoky" flavor of the meat.  Some chefs like the smoky flavor but to keep it at a minimal level, then 300 degrees may be a good option.  For a slow and tender outcome, through proper technique you can cook around 225 degrees. This will make a typical 5 hour smoke go to around 7 hours but you'll turn out with tender meat and it will have more smoky flavor. #growokc