Chiminea wood for sale


Chiminea wood for sale is a special type of firewood for sale for a little fireplace called a chiminea

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chiminea wood for sale



Some of the types of firewood for a chiminea is Shaggy Bark Juniper, Alligator Juniper and Santa Fe Pinion firewood for sale. We have all these in stock (only during various times of the year) ready for your chiminea wood for sale. Pinion firewood for sale is one of my favorites because it is such a unique chiminea wood. Another firewood we have in stock from time to time is Shaggy Bark Juniper. It does indeed have a shaggy exterior that makes the outside look hairy. This Shaggy Bark Juniper originates from New Mexico and that is where we import it from. The nice thing about the Shaggy Bark wood is it is a long burner in your wood chiminea just like Pinion.
Alligator Juniper is a little different than the Shaggy Bark Juniper although are both in the Gymnosperm family. Alligator Juniper happens to be a enjoyable wood for the fireplaces of the New Mexico mountain ranges. Alligator Juniper gets its name because the bark actually looks like the skin formations of alligators. Alligator juniper is a hard cored hardwoods of the gymnosperm family.
Now to my FAVORITE!  Our Santa Fe Pinion wood for sale is a fabulous firewood for chimineas and outdoor fireplaces. Over the past winter, we also sold a lot of cords of pinion wood for indoor fireplaces.  A little bit of smoke does indeed get into your home so why not have the faint smell of pinion in your home. This will bring the New Mexico smell straight to your home. We sell firewood bags of pinion wood, too.  A popular time for pinion wood for sale is also in the summer months. Our New Mexico pinion wood repels all bus and mosquitoes in your burning area. No more do you need to spray deet on your skin or other harmful chemicals that eventually sink into your body and blood stream.  Burning a small pinion wood fire if you are entertaining guests or eve for your own pleasure will deal with those pesky insects. It's truly a luxury of the pinion wood to do this for us and combating insects.  We caution you about buying the bagged pinion wood from the big chain stores - they do not sell fresh pinion wood and it usually has no scent to it since it has set in a warehouse for years. All our customers comment to us that they are tired of this worthless big chain pinion wood.


chiminea wood for sale



When it comes to a chiminea wood mix, I like to mix Oklahoma Pecan firewood with my Pinion and Juniper for a unique aroma. This will do an adequate job in repelling bugs and mosquitoes.  Although, chiminea wood and gymnosperms are not used for cooking any type of food. There are many selling chimineas online for sale. Some of the best ones you can get are from your local retailers. We may have chimineas for sale in our wood shop from time to time and especially in the spring time. Check back at our site for chimineas for sale:
For chiminea wood, don't use Oak firewood. Although it is a smoking wood, it doesn't have the best smell.  Fruit firewood have a pleasant smelling aroma if you are to use a angiosperm firewood. The luxury of your firewood venture will be to sit next to your chiminea and pinion wood with a nice cup of coffee. I don't usually recommend clay chiminea's unless I know they have been well made.  There was a rush of clay chimineas over the Mexico border in decades past and they were not fired correctly. Clay chimineas break and crack very easily! This is why I often recommend cast iron chimineas cause they can really outlast their competition. Unless you know your clay chiminea is made and constructed well, then choose a cast iron chiminea.  But, we may have clay chimineas for sale soon depending on the highest quality we can bring into our wood shop!  Our best chiminea wood comes straight from the base of the New Mexico mountains and we pride ourselves on selling the nations finest pinyon wood - pinon wood - pinion wood for your chiminea, firepit and outdoor fireplace.  Bring the pinion wood for sale smell from the New Mexico mountains to your own backyard!