Cooking wood for sale

Make your food taste better with gourmet cooking wood and the best smoking wood. These are unique fruit and nut woods from the hills of Oklahoma that are the best smoking wood for cooking meats like pork, chicken, seafood, pork and game meats. Do you like to sit by the smoker in the backyard cooking up some bbq pork ribs? We have all the best smoking wood to make your food come out better than your local restaurant.

cooking wood for sale

Pecan smoking wood is one of the best woods for smoking food here in the midwest and it goes well with many culinary dishes. Some competition bbq smokers even use pecan shells with their cooking wood and smoking wood. Another best wood for smoking is Persimmon. It is a native fruit tree here and has a very wide sap line. Most of our customers think the persimmon smoking wood is even sweeter than apple wood. But that is just personal preference.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

Hickory smoking wood is also available at Upchurch Cooking Wood. It is famous in the south for ribs and smoking brisket. The aroma can be smelled from a ways off and Hickory is referred to as the "King of the Smoking Woods."  A famous wood recipe is 50% Pecan and 50% Hickory. It's a wood recipe that gives that hickory flavor and the pecan helps the meat fall off the bone.

So, look around at our website for the best smoking wood because we have everything to make you a better chef and backyard cook here at Upchurch Cooking Wood.

cooking wood for sale


Some other great cooking woods are Apricot and Maple cooking wood.  Apricot is a fruit hardwood and gives off a light fruity aroma and it is comparable to Oklahoma Peach smoking wood.  I've use Apricot wood for cooking venison on the grill and ground vension in a skillet over a Apricot wood fire.  For fish and some of the lighter non-red meats, I've used Maple wood for sale. It is a lighter wood that doesn't produce the heat that some of the other smoking woods do. Maple wood is just really light and will not overpower your seafood and fish dishes. You don't want to overpower your fish with the types of smoking wood that can be overbearing.