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We have a great selection of firewood for sale for all types of purposes. Below are some great #firewood photos from the Growokc collection.  Our smoking wood is really popular for cooking. This wood can be used in bbq smokers and grills. Wood flavor will always be better than cooking in skillet because a skillet provides no flavor, just a heat source. Smoking wood like hickory wood and pecan wood are some of our favorites. We also carry smoking wood pellets and smoking wood chips. These are a great addition to bring more creativity to your cooking of vegetables, chicken, meats, mushrooms and more. We have a wide selection of firewood that can be used year round. We have hickory wood, maple wood, mulberry wood, apple wood, persimmon wood, pinion wood for sale, oak wood, apricot wood, pear wood and more.  We have outdoor fireplace wood like hickory wood and pinion wood. For indoor fireplace firewood. oak wood and hickory wood are great options at Growokc.