Firewood for sale

firewood for sale


We have a large fireplace firewood for sale selection that is available year round. In the winter, there are a variety of great firewood for sale for your fireplace. Santa Fe Pinion is a popular firewood for sale that burns long and smells great. In the midwest, there are an abundance of oak trees, so oak firewood is a choice for the winter fireplace. Did you know burning fruit tree firewood for sale that gives off a better aroma? Some say, "It doesn't matter since the smell goes up the chimney." Actually, some smoke does sneak into your home and fruit wood firewood for sale will smell much better when that happens.  What you like to burn as your firewood you will find here at Growokc Cooking Wood.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

Choose from our selection of pecan wood, hickory wood, our best smoking wood and more. Our firewood for sale is stored indoors so it is always dry and seasoned. Whether you are looking for summer time firewood for sale for cooking hot dogs and steaks or firewood for ale for winter warmth, Upchurch Cooking Wood has everything you need!


firewood for sale


When discussing firewood for sale in our nation, it is a sustainable heating resource that is very valuable to all of us the cold winter months. But, it is just as important for the spring and summer months for bbq smokers and restaurants all over the United States that use wood fired firewood for sale in grilling and smoking.  Wood fired pizza restaurants have been very popular recently. My professional customers with wood fired ovens usually choose Pecan firewood for sale for their cooking. There are so many qualities of pecan wood that really do great with pizzas. When it comes to pizzas you don't want to choose a firewood for sale like Hickory wood or Mesquite wood. These firewoods for sale will cook your pizza too quickly.

When it comes to your bbq smoker wood it is important to consider various options for your smoking wood recipe. Although my own personal choice happens to be Pecan wood for sale but realize this is a opinionated subject when it comes to finding your personal wood recipe choice.


firewood for sale


 Since we have firewood for sale year round, you may come to us needing a certain firewood for sale for all different wood recipe applications. We have chiminea firewood for sale and the proper firewood to use for your chimineas happen to be our Santa Fe Pinion wood for sale. There is nothing quite like the amazing aroma and smell of pinion wood.  Pinion wood comes from the Rocky Mountains primarily from New Mexico.  Pinion trees are a slow growing mountain tree and bear pinion nuts that are very popular in the mountain regions.

Some other firewood for sale we have is Apricot firewood which goes great in your bbq smoker and also in your winter fireplace. Apricot is a harder firewood that works good in fireplaces and have a long lasting burn firewood time. The plus of choosing a fruit firewood like Apricot is it smells fruit and good. Remember, some smoke does get into your home so why not choose a fruit and nut firewood for your winter heating.

This past winter I chose to sell a lot of Mesquite firewood because it is one of the hottest burning firewood for sale in the nation. A lot of my customers told me it filled their neighborhood with the smell of a barbecue restaurant which they really enjoyed.

firewood for sale


 With firewood for sale, Pecan firewood is a smoking wood that also works well in the fireplace. It is not overbearing and if you have some left over from the winter period of the year, the pecan firewood for sale goes straight into your smoker in the spring and summer.  If you are considering stocking up in the winter, Pecan wood is a good choice since it is a year round firewood.

I'd also like to point out the pluses of Persimmon firewood for sale. It is one of the hottest burning cooking and fireplace woods in the nation. It has a incredibly high btu when it comes to heating homes. It has a much higher btu than Oak firewood and Hickory firewood for example.  Persimmon was a very popular firewood for sale for bbq smokers. The persimmon smoking wood I bought in the spring was sold out by late summer. I had customers rave about the ability it had to smoke some great meats, pork and seafood.


firewood for sale


 So, with all your cooking wood for sale, smoking wood for sale and winter firewood for sale, Welcome to Growokc  #growokc  Cooking Firewood and we can help you with all you are needing year round!  When you are looking for winter firewood, it is good to look at btu charts but you will see that Osage Orange Hedge firewood for sale is one of the hottest burning firewoods for sale. Hedge firewood for sale is mostly growing and available in Kansas. Another great hot burning firewood for sale is our oak firewood for sale because it is a very hot burning firewood also. But, with oak firewood, it is important that is seasoned between 1-2 years or you will find out quickly that the firewood you bought for sale will not burn.  Always make sure it is seasoned well. Also only buy it by the "cord" measurement or a fraction of a cord. Never buy a "rick" or truckload of wood because you will never get your moneys worth and usually find out you got scammed.  Always buy firewood for sale buy the cord measurement.