Firewood for sale Edmond Ok


If you are in Edmond Ok looking for a reputable firewood dealer, look to Growokc.  We have many customers year round looking for firewood for sale Edmond Ok area. In the spring and summer, our Santa Fe Pinion wood is very popular. This firewood for sale has an amazing aroma for your chiminea and outdoor fireplace. Pinion wood also repels bugs and mosquitoes and we definitely had a problem with the bugs these past summer months. You can stop spraying dangerous deet on your skin and start a pinion wood fire to help repel all the insects you don't want around.


firewood for sale edmond ok


If you have a BBQ smoker in your backyard, we have the specialty smoking wood for sale to make your food and meats taste great. Use caution when buying a bundle of wood from a convenience store or sporting store. That wood is over seasoned which has less flavor and burns too quick which heats up your smoker. The other problem with this cheap wood from other stores that is the wood may be too green and not even burn. At Upchurch Cooking Firewood, our firewood for sale Edmond Ok is stored indoor and it's bug free!  The rain never touches our wood stored indoors and we use organic bug control to keep our wood pure. If you are looking for smoking firewood Edmond Ok, you have found your wood with us.


Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality.


#growokc is a year round professional firewood company. We are located in downtown Oklahoma City and we store our wood indoors so it's always dry.  This is a luxury if we are bombarded with wet and snow.  So, if you are looking for firewood for sale Edmond Ok then look no further than to


firewood for sale edmond ok



If you are looking for firewood for sale Edmond Ok, consider coming down to our wood shop in Oklahoma City for a easy pick up. We have over 20 different types of smoking woods for sale. One great wood is Pecan wood and it is a great year round wood. In the winter, pecan firewood for sale can be used in your fireplace. Pecan burns hot and it also smells great if a little bit of smoke gets in your home. When you have some firewood left over from winter, the pecan wood is excellent in your smoker or outdoor fireplace. Another year round firewood for sale Edmond Ok is hickory firewood. Hickory wood for sale has really been popular in the winter fireplaces because it is a very hardwood that burns hot. When you have some left over from your winter purchase, throw it in your BBQ smoker for some great pork ribs!  If you are looking for firewood for sale Edmond Ok, we are your year round store!