Firewood for sale Okc

If you are a native Oklahoman looking for firewood for sale OKC, Upchurch Cooking Firewood has firewood for sale for all seasons! We have over 20 different types of firewood for smoking, cooking, chimineas, outdoor and indoor fireplaces.

firewood for sale okc

Some of our year round firewood for sale in OKC are Pecan firewood, Hickory wood, Persimmon wood, Cherry firewood, Apple firewood, Santa Fe Pinion wood, Walnut firewood and more.

Walnut firewood for sale OKC has a special feature of leaving no soot in the bottom of your fireplace and at the end of the season it has no clean up. This is a great feature of walnut firewood.  Pecan firewood for sale OKC is used year round as a fireplace firewood, smoking wood and even works well in your chiminea.


firewood for sale okc


We sell firewood in bags and all the way up to a cord of firewood. In Oklahoma we often go by a meaasurement of a "rick" but it is comparable to a face cord which is 4' x 8' x 17".  If we can help you in your firewood for sale OKC selection so let us know at: 

A busy time of season for GrowOKC Firewood of Oklahoma City happens to be the months of October-January. This is a time we help our customers pick our their winter fireplace firewood for sale. Some of the popular choices for fireplace firewood are Pecan wood, Hickory wood, Oak wood and several others. If you are looking for a firewood for a very high btu (heat) you may want to consider Persimmon firewood for sale OKC and Mesquite firewood for sale. We import our Mesquite firewood from Texas to bring it to you here as Firewood for sale Oklahoma City.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

Persimmon firewood - Persimmon is known to be a cooking wood and smoking wood for sale but it has one of the hottest burning woods for your fireplace. IT has a very big sap line making it a very good smelling smoke. It heats a home almost like no other wood. Persimmon happens to be one of my favorite woods for firewood for sale OKC.

Hickory firewood - Some of my customers switched to Hickory firewood after being dissatisfied with their typical Oak firewood for sale they usually buy. Hickory wood is a hot burning wood with a very pleasing aroma. Also the hickory wood for sale that they bought gave them some wood left over from their winter supply. They were able to use this firewood for sale OKC all year round as their bbq smoker wood.  Hickory wood is quite famous as a smoking wood for sale that is used on pork ribs. Another quality use of hickory wood for sale is to use it grilling vegetables. Cooking vegetables on your grill is a fairly quick process. The vegetables do not stay very long on the grill or bbq smoker so Hickory wood and Mesquite wood are really good choices. When you are looking for the correct smoking wood for all your cooking applications, always keep Firewood for sale OKC as your choice.

firewood for sale okc


Mesquite firewood - One of our best selling winter fireplace wood this past summer was Mesquite firewood for sale that we imported from Texas. Mesquite firewood is one of the hottest burning firewoods in the nation along side Osage Orange Hedge Firewood and Oklahoma Persimmon firewood. If you are looking for a firewood for sale OKC for your winter fireplace, you are going to get the most heat out of these various firewoods. Mesquite firewood for sale is what made Texas famous for a year round firewood for sale. Mesquite smoking wood is also a very popular bbq smoker wood.  I happen to be quite a fan of Texas Mesquite as a versatile year round firewood for sale in OKC.  I use mesquite wood on my grill for burgers and steaks. It is a great smoking and cooking wood for such foods that don't stay on the grill long. I would caution you when you use it for 4-8 hour smoking sessions in your bbq smoker. Mesquite firewood is a very powerful smoking wood when it comes to the aroma and fragrance. So, this year consider Mesquite wood firewood for sale OKC.


firewood for sale okc