Firewood Oklahoma City


firewood oklahoma city



firewood oklahoma city


There may be other places to find your Oklahoma City firewood, but Growokc Firewood has the highest quality in the state of Oklahoma. We select our woods from the best parts of the state to bring urban Oklahoma City the best smoking wood and fireplace firewood in Oklahoma City year round. We also have Santa Fe Pinion wood year round for your indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace and chiminea wood.  Shop with Growokc Firewood for sale today!

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the Midwest keeping your wood out of natures elements

We help you find the best wood recipe for all of your cooking needs. There are various ways that make your wood recipe unique. The size of your bbq smoker is a important factor for locating your best smoking wood recipe in firewood Oklahoma City. Another factor is what temperature you like to keep your bbq smoker at. A lower temperature like 200 degrees for a longer smoking time can make your meat fall of the bone.  If you are smoking at a higher temperature for a short smoke time that will be different.  Let us know how you are smoking your meat and we can combine it with the best smoking wood we have for sale here at firewood Oklahoma City.


firewood Oklahoma City


If you are new to finding your best smoking wood, it is a very enjoyable endeavor. Because it involves eating which is so much fun. I encourage newcomer in smoking to consider Pecan wood. It is a great overall and one of the best smoking woods. Pecan doesn't overpower your smoking meats and it not a complicated wood for your bbq smoker. Pecan wood is a delicate smoking wood and is known to be fairly similar to Hickory wood but not near as overbearing.  We have everything you will need at firewood Oklahoma City.