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So what are our credentials and how can we help you? 

The owner graduated from the state agriculture school, Oklahoma State University.  He earned his degree in Sustainable Crops Production – Agriculture & Horticulture.

For graduate studies in Mycology - Mushroom Cultivation he was trained at the internationally known Mushroom Research and Cultivation School in coastal Oregon. In Oregon the emphasis was on urban farm mushroom farming.

 He has been a Agriculture Consultant in Havana, Cuba and conducting research and production to the local organic/sustainable farmers to improve their crop yields in vegetable and fruit production and animal husbandry.

GrowOKC is a tax paying registered corporation in the state of Oklahoma.

 In Oklahoma City, he is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist specializing in the best ecommerce products.


Our agriculture research over the years will soon be published as E-Books on Amazon Kindle and digtial downloads to help urban gardeners.