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pinion wood for sale


The highest quality firewood for your year round aromatic ambiance. Our seasoned Pinion wood for sale is trucked to us from the mountains of northern New Mexico. This is not big chain store wood with little aromatic aroma. This amazing firewood can be used 365 days a year. Pinion wood is great for your year round outdoor living space patio and winter fireplace. We sold a lot of pinion wood in the winter time because people just really love the smell. Something to consider is some smoke from your fireplace does indeed get into your home whether you like it or not. But if this is so, you will love a little smoke from the Santa Fe mountains in your home.  In the spring and summer, Pinion wood for sale repels bugs and mosquitoes. Many of our customers use this wood during all seasons of the calendar year and it gives off the sweet mountain aroma of the mountains throughout their home and neighborhood. Pinion wood for sale is not for use for smoking and cooking food.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure

you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the

nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

Pinion wood comes from the horticulture family of Gymnosperms. All pines fall into this category and they put off a great mountain smell. Pinion trees are a slow growing tree in the mountain ranges of Colorado and New Mexico. It's a Rocky Mountain luxury for those of us that love the aromatic value of the split wood and bark. Pinyon nuts also come from this tree and a very popular nut for eating.

pinion wood for sale


Pinion wood for sale grows in the southwestern part of the United States and grows in high altitudes. Pinion wood is a slow growing tree that has a very distinct aroma when it is burned. Pinion wood for sale is also known as "chiminea wood" because it is the #1 firewood for chimineas. The smell of this Pinion is referred to as the “smell of Christmas” because of its sweet holiday smell. Those of us in warmer climates know pinion wood for sale as a excellent bug and mosquito repellant. Bugs and mosquitoes hate the smell of pinion wood but we think and know it as one of the best smelling woods available in the United States. Buy our Pinion wood for sale online now. 

One technique in burning pinion wood that I urge my customers is soaking it for a bit in water. This fills your split firewood logs with water and when it is damp the pinyon will smoke even better. The goal of burning pinon wood is not to burn it when it is really dry. Soaking in water for no more than 30 minutes really gives you a great smoking wood in your chiminea and outdoor fireplace. You obviously need to start your chiminea fire but you don't want to burn up your loved wood. Often, I use a water bottle to spray the flames and put them out.

If you are located in the Oklahoma City area you can come by our wood shop to see our wide selection. Of the Santa Fe Pinion we sell cords, Oklahoma "ricks" 1/4 cords, 1/8 cords and then 15 lb bags and 30 lb bags of pinion wood for sale. One of our goals as a national firewood company is to begin selling and sending pinion wood to the east coast and Chicago. Often lovers of chimineas and outdoor fireplaces in these areas aren't aware of the great smelling pinyon wood. So, if you'd like to enjoy this amazing firewood year round, contact us today and buy straight from our online store and we will send it your way quickly via mail and national shipping.


pinion wood for sale