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Growokc firewood for sale has some great recipes for great tasting food. We have recipes for all our cooking and smoking woods. Look at our selection and check back here because we are continually adding our new recipes. We will have bbq smoker techniques that can make your food turn out better and secrets on the best bbq recipe rubs.




Cooking with wood will give you some of the most flavorful food possible. We have all been camping before. Do you remember cooking your dinner and breakfast over a wood fire?  Yes, it is some of the best tasting food possible. There is a feeling of personal empowerment when you choose to cook over wood. You either gathered the best smoking wood yourself or you bought smoking wood from a local dealer. I will discuss why your wood recipe is just as important as your selection of meat:

Your personal wood recipe is going to be what meshes best with your eating choices. You must know that there are different smoking woods for different cooking applications. If you were going to cook burgers on your grill, I would recommend Mesquite wood or Hickory wood. The reason for this is because the meat is going to be on the bbq grill for a very short time.  So, the Mesquite wood and Hickory wood have a stronger aroma to compliment the short grilling time.

Our wood is stored INDOORS and we use Organic bug control to insure you the highest quality. We are the only indoor firewood company in the nation keeping your wood out of natures elements

Let's discuss a wood recipe that works for the specific smoking meat of ribs. Most of us are looking for the best smoking wood for pork ribs but on occasion it may be beef ribs.  In my personal opinion and cooking experience I have found that Pecan wood may be one of the best smoking woods for this specific recipe. Pecan firewood for sale is a gentle and delicate wood that can really help the pork ribs fall off the bone.

A cooking technique I have found to be the best smoking wood recipe for me is to compliment my Pecan wood with another great smoking wood.  I obviously have a very wide selection when it comes to smoking wood since this is what I do. Often when you mix a smoking wood with the Pecan it can strengthen the qualities of your base wood.  I have been starting my fire in my firebox with Apricot wood kindling. I do NOT use gasoline or charcoal lighter fluid to start my kindling. The chemicals do transfer into the meat you are smoking.  Please don't start your base with these chemicals. I get a small fire started with my Apricot wood kindling.  There are all types of firewood but for smoking wood for sale you will need to use cooking firewood for sale. It is firewood like hickory wood, pecan wood and other fruit wood. Some amazing firewood and smoking wood in the fruit family is apricot wood, apple wood, persimmon wood, pear wood and more!

When my fire i going I begin to add Pecan firewood. Often using pecan wood chunks can give you more control than using a piece of split firewood with a length of around 17".  Then I will add a small amount of another fruit wood. Lately I have been using Walnut wood.  So, I've been using a wood recipe of 75% Pecan wood and 25% Walnut wood.  Since smoking meats and finding your best smoking wood recipe I will experiment with other recipes. Growokc at #growokc

Let us help you find your wood recipe so you can get started cooking the best foods for your taste!